From IMM to Transportation to Education 5 Substance Earthquake Plan

earthquake earthquake plan from ibbden transportation to education
earthquake earthquake plan from ibbden transportation to education

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlumade a detailed presentation in 13 chapters on “earthquake” at the Assembly meeting. Reminding that IMM has done different studies with many national or international institutions on earthquake preparedness, especially after the 1999 Marmara Earthquake, İmamoğlu said, “Detections were made, estimates were listed, and application suggestions were developed. However, Istanbul is still not prepared for the expected great earthquake, as all these studies did not / could not be realized afterwards. We can't afford to wait any longer," he said. Emphasizing that they have put the "IMM Earthquake Mobilization Plan" into effect, İmamoğlu said, "We are taking up arms and starting a mobilization to produce projects that will come to life with the support of all Istanbulites, and to strengthen Istanbul."

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluIn his presentation at the parliamentary session, he stated that after the 26-magnitude earthquake that occurred at a depth of 12,6 kilometers off the Marmara Sea in Silivri last September 5.8 and caused great panic, 5 thousand 253 notifications were received to AFAD and IMM. İmamoğlu noted that 5.8 was not a big earthquake, but a small earthquake, but as a result of the investigations, 224 buildings with heavy damage and 754 slightly damaged buildings were detected. According to the studies prepared by Imamoglu, TUBITAK MAM, Kandilli Observatory and IMM experts; He shared the information that the probability of an earthquake of 30 or more in 7 years in Istanbul, within the Sea of ​​Marmara, is 65 percent.


Imamoglu stated that Istanbul's night residential population is 15 million and daytime population is 6 million. According to the Tahmin Earthquake and Damage Loss Estimation Study X conducted by the IMM Directorate of Earthquake and Soil Investigation and Boğaziçi University in 1; He also listed the economic, physical losses and damages in accordance with the possible 166-scale devastating earthquake scenario in Istanbul. According to a destructive earthquake scenario of magnitude 255; In Istanbul, the number of very heavy and heavily damaged buildings will be 1980 thousand, and the number of buildings with medium and higher damage will be 533 thousand. According to these figures; 1990 percent of buildings will be demolished, 2000 million tons of debris will occur, 376 percent of roads will be closed, 2000 drinking water point, thousand 2019 waste water point and 2018 natural gas point will be damaged. Total 7,5 billion TL structural and non-structural economic loss will be experienced.


According to the damage estimation studies, IMAMOGLU underlined that the earthquake has become the most important subject of IMM. Ansa The priority target will be to take measures without delay, rather than repairing the material and moral damage to be experienced ”. İmamoğlu said that the “Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Earthquake Mobilization Plan değerlendiril was prepared under the title of 5 and listed them as follows:

- Disaster-oriented urban transformation studies.
- Making the existing infrastructure and transportation network resistant to disasters.
- Seismic and earth science studies.
- Post-disaster gathering / shelter areas.
- Disaster-focused training and capacity building.


Within the scope of the plan; İmamoğlu stated that it is aimed to strengthen or rebuild the 48 bin building which is expected to take damage. “1 thousand independent units in the year 20, 5 thousand in the year 100, all such independent units in the year 10 will be strengthened against disasters. According to the Disaster Oriented Transformation program; In line with earthquake scenarios, first of all districts waiting for intervention due to fragile building stock will be started and a stage will be made between districts. If the program is implemented, current cost calculations and a minimum amount of 44 billion TL will be required in this process. Negotiations will be initiated with international funding agencies to obtain the said resource. ”


Emamoglu emphasized that the road maps are the Dönüşüm Urban Transformation Strategy Document ile which was put forward with the synthesis of all the works related to earthquake and urban transformation within IMM., Strategy Documents en requested by the Ministry in order to realize social and economic transformation projects in priority / problematic areas were completed. Urban Transformation intervention roadmap 'will be determined. With the 'Disaster Oriented Response Program' and on the basis of building interventions, transformation studies focused on urban improvement will be discussed in this title. For this purpose, 1 will be coordinated with the 39 district during the year and 5 will be completed with the interventions included in the strategy document during the year ”. Stating that they aim to ensure the participation of Istanbulites in the urban transformation activities, İmamoğlu said, ofis An office is established under the name of Dönüşüm Urban Transformation Cooperation Desk üzere to overcome the communication problems of the non-governmental organizations living in urban transformation areas planned to be realized in Istanbul or in the project phase with them. said.


Referring to the studies on the preparation of earthquake in public buildings, İmamoğlu informed that they are working on Bina Building Monitoring and Damage Tracking System for a Disaster-Sensitive City Project Proj. Stating that all public buildings, important buildings and bridges and viaducts will be completed within 6 months within the scope of a smart city administration, İmamoğlu said that IMM buildings will be handled within this scope. İmamoğlu said, kontroller In line with the works to ensure the stock of public buildings resistant to disasters and to prepare the service structures for post-disaster use, controls regarding the service structures of the municipality will be completed within 6 months and necessary interventions will be made during 2 year.


Imamoğlu noted that the highways will be ready for disaster during the year in order to ensure uninterrupted transportation during and after the earthquake. İmamoğlu listed the works planned as follows: köprü Bridges and viaducts will be made ready for disaster during the year in order to ensure uninterrupted transportation during and after the earthquake. In the event of a disaster, the groundwater resources that may be needed in the gathering or shelter areas will be planned within the 1 month to serve the people of Istanbul.

The hydrogeological structure of the whole of Istanbul will be determined in detail in 6 month, and the protection of groundwater resources and the precautions related to possible climate change scenarios will be defined. With the determination of natural underground water storage areas and determination of the geothermal potential of Istanbul in general, the multi-purpose and effective use of these areas will be provided within 6 months. ”


Imamoğlu, who informed that they will organize an “Earthquake Workshop ıyla with the participation of all stakeholders in the subject in November, said:“ In this way, we will tell our road map and enrich our road map together ”. Imamoğlu stated that the transfer of all scientific data about a possible earthquake in Istanbul to the IMM in a fast, effective and reliable manner will be ensured within the year and pointed out the danger of tsunami: hızlı All the scientific data about a possible tsunami that can take place in Istanbul 1 will be ensured during the year. Also in relation to the tsunami; In the 1 month, it is aimed to increase awareness and awareness related to tsunami hazard and risk analyzes in districts, and to increase joint and individual project generation and implementation capabilities. ”


İmamoğlu underlined that they are working on the rem Earthquake Early Warning and Emergency Response System, and said: “With the early warning system, 5-7 will be received seconds before the reflection of the earthquake; emergency measures such as rail systems will be stopped, ”he said. İmamoğlu stated that they did not ignore the landslide danger in the city and said: tespit Determination of landslide hazard areas located in various areas throughout the province, determination of building-life safety probabilities and creation of a base for planning / investment processes, transfer of reports and maps of places containing emergency landslide hazards to related institutions and organizations 6 will be completed within months. In order to create district based landslide hazard booklets, 6 will be completed within months to increase awareness and awareness related to landslide hazard in districts, and to increase the ability to jointly and individually produce and implement projects ini.


Imamoglu also touched upon the gathering areas and said: “Disaster gathering areas are safe areas that should be reached by people during and after the disaster and do not carry disaster risk. Disaster survivors to survive the big shock, benefit from basic health and food services, to meet with relatives or allows them to communicate; the maximum 500 meters away from a building and 24 will be used within hours after the disaster. Disasters in need of shelter will be evacuated to temporary shelter areas after 24 hours. Temporary accommodation areas are short and long term housing solutions within the framework of capacity and facilities. In order for survivors to survive, first the most basic housing needs are met, then the housing conditions are provided for a long time; Temporary accommodation areas where basic eating / drinking facilities and nutrition, medical care and assistance are provided. It is aimed to ensure the rapid recovery of the society after the disaster and to provide an honorable life that protects the privacy of those who need shelter and to create safe, healthy and livable spaces. These areas are considered as areas that can be used from 72 hours to 2 years according to their capacity and facilities. ”


Imamoğlu emphasized that they are preparing 859 gathering area and gave the following information about this issue: esi Informing the gathering areas of each building and the evacuation corridors that will provide access to these areas for the citizens to be ready before, during and after the disaster, and coordination of the muhtar and the headmen. evacuation corridors will be shared with the citizen and handcards will be prepared. Public spots and mobile applications will be prepared during the year. Regarding Temporary Housing Areas; In the first 6 month 'Zeytinburnu / Topkapı Earthquake Park Application' will be held in order to meet the housing needs of approximately 1 million people after the disaster. 3 will determine the infrastructure capacity, containers, field hospitals and emergency kits will be provided in areas where access cannot be provided in case of disaster. Dep Earthquake Parks', which will be established on both sides, will also be used for pre-disaster training and coordination activities and awareness of the people of Istanbul through parks will be increased. ”


Emphasizing that they will develop the concept of "Disaster Volunteers" within the scope of the "Disaster-Focused Education and Capacity Building" project, İmamoğlu said, "In 954 neighborhoods that have the training to perform emergency interventions in case of a possible disaster, 5 disaster volunteers consisting of at least 5000 people, one of which is the neighborhood headman, will be recruited for 6 months. in society kazanwill be raised. The basic response materials and supplies that the Disaster Volunteers will need will be stored in the headmen's offices. The task distribution of the stakeholders will be determined in 6 months in order to provide all kinds of logistic support in the private sector in coordination with the public sector before, during and after the disaster, logistics and coordination will be provided in 1 year, and a 'Disaster Action Plan' will be prepared in 2 years. In addition, by getting support from the private sector in Earthquake Parks, earthquake strengthening methods and models will be applied and introduced to Istanbulites.


Underlining that they care about reaching the citizens over the internet, İmamoğlu said, “1 will reach a wider audience with more accurate and understandable content. Awareness and awareness of the fields of study will be increased. Institutional visibility will be increased Thanks to the web-based portal where all scientific data produced within the IMM can be shared with relevant IMM units and stakeholders, the access of stakeholders to information will be accelerated and made more efficient. Throughout the year, 3 'Disaster Education Centers' will be put into practice within the 'Earthquake Parks' to be built in Europe and the Anatolian side in order to raise the awareness of all citizens and increase their awareness level to the highest level.

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