YHT Expeditions to Increase with New YHT Sets at 2020

new yht sets will increase yht flights
new yht sets will increase yht flights

TCDD Transportation General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı attended the seminars within the scope of CD TCDD Transportation AŞ 2019 Year Fall Term In-Service Training Program gerçekleştiril held in Kuşadası.

Making a speech to the participants here, Yazıcı said that the transportation policies pursued since the year 2003 and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure aim to develop a balanced and planned transportation modes under the umbrella of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Emphasizing:

X 2019 950 personnel participated in 850 spring and XNUMX personnel training in autumn ”

“In-service training is of great importance and contribution to providing the human resources required by our railway sector with the fastest developing technology in the world. I fully believe that 2019 in the spring of 950 and 850 in the autumn will perform their duties better with these trainings. ”

“2020 will increase YHT flights with new YHT sets”

Printer attracted attention to the addition of one thousand 213 kilometers high speed train and one thousand 870 kilometers high railway line to the thousand 290 kilometers high speed railway network operated in the next five years. Halkalıdemand for high-speed trains serving up to 10m.

Yazıcı continued his speech as follows: için The countdown has started for the Ankara-Sivas high-speed railway line to be put into operation. In 2020, new YHT sets will increase and our YHT flights will increase. Due to the intense interest of the East Express, thousands of beds were requested for the Touristic East Express, which we put on the Ankara-Kars line. The demand for our Van Lake Express is increasing day by day. In addition to the Istanbul-Sofia, Van-Tehran trains, Trans Asia Express has been launched in international passenger transportation. ”

“It is aimed to carry one million tons of cargo with Iran annually”

The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, known as the Iron Silk Road, which provides uninterrupted rail transportation from Beijing to London, and the Trans-Caspian International Railway Route attracted the attention of the countries of the region, especially China, emphasizing that the freight transports increased in nine destinations through this line. and said that work is underway to start passenger transport at the ICTA.

“420 thousand passengers per day in Marmaray”

With the implementation of the block train with Iran and the appropriate tariff policy, increasing the number of transports and increasing the target of one million tons per year Yazıcı, Printer, Marmaray'ın all entered into service with the daily number of passengers 220 thousand 420 thousand thousand in the future is expected to exceed one million, he said.

General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı attended the seminars and made a situation assessment with his staff.

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