Yedikuyular Ski Center Preparing for Winter

yedikuyular ski resort is preparing short
yedikuyular ski resort is preparing short

Mayor Hayrettin Gungor, Bertiz Neighborhoods and the Yedikuyular'a artery that provides access to the Ski Center and made investigations.

Kahramanmaraş Mayor Hayrettin Güngör, Bertiz Neighborhoods and Yedikuyular Ski Center, which provides access to the artery asphalt studies on-site examined. With the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality and members of the zoning commission examining the production in the region President Gungor, wished convenience to the teams.

Ski Resort Review

Mayor Hayrettin Güngör then went to Yedikuyular Ski Center. During the winter season, many guests in the city and out of town guests will be in the facility area with the accompanying delegation. Mayor Güngör made a statement regarding the visit and said: “Asphalt works continue in our artery which provides transportation to Bertiz Neighborhoods and Yedikuyular Ski Center. Hopefully, it will be completed in a short time kul.

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