Exporting Ship to the World

we export ships to the world
we export ships to the world

Our shipyards generated 990.5 million dollar export revenue last year. Exports of the shipbuilding industry in the first five months of this year are worth 435.7 million dollars. Our shipyards are expected to surpass last year's figures this year. In the world, ships worth approximately 140 billion dollars are exported.

Turkey just walking with confident steps towards the goal of becoming a center of shipbuilding in the world is not Europe. Turkey in Istanbul's Tuzla region and has built two large ships, including Yalova Altinova. The most exporting region is Altınova with 70%.

In Yalova Altınova Shipyard, new technologies such as hybrid and electric propulsion systems and autonomous control systems are being implemented. Equipped with tugs, fishermen, research, passengers, wind turbine construction / maintenance, platform, support ships and ferries are used almost everywhere in the world.

Our industrialists are exporting to many countries, especially Norway, Iceland, England, France, Denmark, Canada and Russia. We are one of the first 5 countries in terms of special purpose shipbuilding and exportation. Countries that are the priority centers for mega yacht production; Italy, the Netherlands and the United States. 4 behind these countries as the number of orders in Turkey. Comes next.

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