Transportation Investments in Bursa's Districts Continues

safe transportation with new bridge
safe transportation with new bridge

Yenişehir district passing through the Söylemiş neighborhood, which provides connection with Yolören, Çeltikçi Karasıl and Çardakköy neighborhoods but collapsed in the middle due to the collapse of the bridge, renewed by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on smart intersection applications, road extensions, improving the quality of public transportation vehicles and rail system optimization in order to produce rooted solutions for transportation, which is the main problem of Bursa, continues its transportation investments in districts without slowing down. Söylemiş district of the town of Bursa Yenişehir 1973 year, because of the collapse occurred in the middle by the Metropolitan Municipality before the traffic closed, then began to work for the replacement of the destroyed bridge. Not only the Söylemiş neighborhood, but also the surrounding Yolören, Çeltikçi, Karasıl and Çardakköy Neighborhoods of the new bridge, the new bridge will be 45 meters long and 12 meters wide. The new bridge is expected to be completed and put into service in two months.

No restrictions on transportation

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, 17 district, as in the city center, giving priority to transportation, specifying that the roads in the districts spent the summer season to make it healthy, he said. Expressing that they are working with their forces to remove transportation from being a problem, Mayor Aktaş said, da There were also demands on the renewal of the bridge in Söylemiş neighborhood. Our teams made the necessary investigations. Since collapses occurred on the bridge and there was a risk of collapse, we immediately shut down the traffic and carried out the demolition. We immediately started manufacturing because 4 neighborhood is also closely related. We aim to complete it in a short time and make it available for use. ”



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