Sadness Ceremony to the Machineists who died in the train accident in Bilecik

trainers in a train accident
trainers in a train accident

Sadness Ceremony to the Engineers who died in the train accident in Bilecik. Bilecik High-Speed ​​Train line to the control of the railroads of the railroads that hit the tunnel walls of the tunnel, Recep Tunaboylu (37) and Sedat Yurtsever (39) was buried after the funeral prayers.

Recep Tunaboylu funeral of the machinist was made in the Reçber Rıza Agriculture Mosque in Yeşitepe neighborhood. Funeral prayer AK Party deputy Harun Karacan Eskisehir, CHP Eskisehir Deputy Utku Cakirozer, Tepebasi Mayor Ahmet Atac and Tunaboylu'nun relatives and colleagues attended. After the funeral prayer was prayed, Recep Tunaboylu was buried in Asri Cemetery.

Sedat Yurtsever, another engineer who lost his life in a train accident, was buried in the Sevinç Neighborhood Cemetery after the funeral prayer performed at Seyrantepe Mosque in Batıkent Neighborhood.

Günceleme: 20/09/2019 19:13

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