The Ministry of Transport did not want IMM to tender at Haydarpasa Station!

the ministry of transportation did not want to tender the demon haydarpasa
the ministry of transportation did not want to tender the demon haydarpasa

The Ministry of Transport did not want IMM to tender at Haydarpasa Station! : The Ministry of Transportation received an appeal from the Ministry of Transportation to İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu who announced that they will participate in the tender to be held in October for 4 to rent out some parts of TCDD's Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa stations for use in cultural and art activities. The Ministry stated that water, natural gas, workplace and operating permits were obtained from the municipalities. “Competing with the municipality in a tender will have a deterrent effect on other participants and will reduce participation in the tender”. It has been learned that IMM will participate in the 4 tender in October under any conditions.

SözcüAccording to the report of Özlem Güvemli from Istanbul, it was learned that the IMM would bid in all conditions by participating in the tender on October 4.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in Haydarpaşa Train Station and the historic Sirkeci Station which is idle in storage areas "to be used for cultural and artistic events" to rent will go out to tender on October 4. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu announced that they will participate in the tender and said, “Haydarpaşa Station, Sirkeci Station is going to tender. As the metropolitan municipality, we will bid to get it completely. We want to establish the axis of the holiday celebration by creating a cultural area by adding Haydarpaşa to Harem ”.


The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that it did not find it appropriate for İBB to participate in the tender by making a remarkable statement on Imamoğlu's statements. The statement includes the article “In the tender condition in question, the contractor company receives all permissions and licenses to open and operate the workplace required for the operation after the tender”. Therefore, if the IMM or its affiliates take such a tender; Competing in the tender with the municipality for the works such as water and natural gas connection after the tender will be taken from the municipalities for the opening of the workplace and the permits from the district municipalities will reduce the participation in the tender. The competitive environment, which is the indispensable rule of the tender, will not be provided. However, the purpose of the said tender is to generate income for the administration that owns the property and to create opportunities for cultural and artistic activities ”.


It has been learned that İBB will bid on this tender on 4 October under any conditions. IMM SözcüMurat Ongun pointed out that the statement of the ministry is against the law. “In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport, it is claimed that the IMM or its affiliates to participate in the tender will harm the competitive principle in the tender. Just the opposite; This explanation constitutes a violation of the 'openness and competition principles' of the tenders in article 2886 of the State Tender Law No. 2.

If our metropolitan municipality, which is a public legal entity and our subsidiaries subject to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, meet the conditions specified in the tender specifications, there is no obstacle for them to enter the tender. The legal qualification achieved through the disclosure made is of a nature that only a judicial authority can reach and it is clearly unlawful to do so by the contracting authority. It is an unfortunate explanation that should not be made in a state of law, both in terms of procurement law and in general terms of law. What is the motivation of this statement is a matter of curiosity. ”


In order to participate in the tender to be opened over a monthly rental fee of 30 thousand TL, 90 thousand TL of collateral must be deposited to the bank, while the rental period is 15 years. There is also a very striking condition in the tender specifications that draws attention and defines a certain company. In the event that the bidder who will participate in the tender according to that article in the specification is a legal entity, he / she has to offer a work experience certificate amounting to at least 5 million TL and that it has at least 4 million digital equipment in its inventory. For the equipment, he must submit an indefinite bank letter of guarantee amounting to TL 20 million ”.



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