Terrible Claims About Bilecik Train Accident!

train accident in bilecik
train accident in bilecik

CHP Eskişehir Deputy Utku Çakırözer shared with the public the grave claims behind the train accident that occurred as a result of derailment of the guide train controlling the high-speed train line in Bilecik.

KazanÇakırözer stated that the tunnel was put into service before its construction was completed.KazanThere is a bend in the tunnel where the high-speed trains should not use, and a changeover line in the bend. In addition, it is known that the tunnel collapsed during the previous construction works in this tunnel and a construction machine remained in this tunnel, and then the works were stopped. We see that this line was put into service without making the infrastructure safe. For the sake of saying we built a road, we built a train line, these machinists, who worked on lines that were not completed and adequate security measures were not taken, were sent to their deaths on purpose. People's lives should not be endangered for the sake of sufficient income," he said.


As a result of the derailment of the guide train in a tunnel under construction in Bozüyük district of Bilecik, Eskişehir mechanics Sedat Yurtsever and Recep Tunaboylu lost their lives. CHP Eskişehir Deputy Utku Çakırözer kazanHe shared with the public the grave allegations behind the bill and brought it to the agenda of the Parliament.


Çakırözer, who stated that the mechanics who lost their lives in the train accident in Bozüyük overwhelmed Eskişehir, said, “Experienced people in both mechanics. KazanAfterwards, grave allegations were made. When we talk to the friends, colleagues and railwaymen of the machinists from Eskişehir, no one ignores the mistakes of these people. It is said that the systems on the guide did not come into play a month ago on the road and warned about the problems experienced. Despite this, it is very dire that nothing is done. "These allegations should be exposed immediately and the public should be clarified," he said.


Çakırözer stated that the works on the high-speed train line started before the completion of the grave claims.

Transport via conventional line: KazanIt is known that due to the land structure of the tunnel where the tunnel takes place, dents are formed, therefore the entire tunnel cannot be opened and the connection is made over the conventional line by making a bypass line. It is known by everyone that the lines on which high-speed train services are made should not have bends and that there should not be a conventional line on them. But to say that we have built roads and extended the train lines, these roads were put into service despite the dire conditions. If a line is placed in the area where this bend is located, high-speed trains should not be run either.

There are expeditions on construction works: Eskişehir-Istanbul train line services started on July 25, 2014 before they were fully completed. The expeditions on this line were made on the old lines, on the roads that should not be used since the roads were not completed since that date. KazanSince the high-speed train tunnel was not finished on the area where the construction took place, they gave the road from the old line. Construction on this road is still ongoing. There is a transition from the new line to the old line in the tunnel. There is a sharp bend in the transition part. There is a change of speed there. The speed needs to be lowered.

The European Train Control System has not been activated: There is an ERTM system that provides control over the trains. This system carries all the information on the road on the locomotive and warns the engineer where and how fast it will pass. The ERTM system was established to eliminate the possible error of the driver. We say we run high speed trains, but we use different systems. If the driver does not reduce the speed during this time, this system is activated automatically. But the system here is not working at that moment, does not activate.

Warned by mechanics: It is known that the machinists who had traveled on this road before had warned that the ERTM System was not working and that the system had not been activated at the necessary times.

Multiple systems are used on the high-speed train route: While the ERTM system is used on the exit from Eskişehir on this Eskişehir-İstanbul high speed train right, the CTC system is used after Eskişehir. After Izmit, there is a system called TMİ on the same route.

The only system that does not require high speed trains: In other words, 3 has a separate system from Eskişehir to Istanbul. There is no such thing anywhere in the world. The condition of using high speed train is to operate with one system. Imagine that you are traveling between cities with your car, but some roads path, some roads village road, some roads have asphalt. Is that possible?


Cakirozer said that the government opened the roads which were never ending for the purpose of show rent, especially in the period close to the election, and said, bu This is exactly what happened on the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line. The government started the expeditions without completing all the necessary work on the rapid terrain route. These should now be terminated. For the sake of rent, people's lives should not be endangered..

How often are the checks performed?

Çakırözer carried the allegations to the agenda of the Assembly and submitted a motion to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Cahit Turan, to answer the question.

Çakırözer asked Minister Cahit for answers to the following questions:KazanIs there a European Train Control System on the road and on the locomotive? Is it true that this system does not activate in the event of an accident? How often are the controls made on the Ankara - Istanbul high-speed train line? Why are these roads used even though construction works are being done on some parts of the high-speed train route? Is it an indication that other accidents await us that such risks continue in passenger trains that start sailing with the passengers after the pilot locomotive, which was sent from the front for road control purposes, returns?

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  1. Let Utku Efendi get information from TCDD General Manager about the subject and he should not speak wrong. tcdd makes its job solid.