Visit from TCDD to South Korea, which has made great strides in railway technology

tcddden visit to south korea
tcddden visit to south korea

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Enver İskurt and TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun visited South Korea to meet with railway investments and technologies and made a series of meetings and examinations.

Together with Necdet Sümbül, Deputy General Manager of AYGM, İskurt and Uygun made various contacts in South Korea, which has made great progress in high-speed trains and railway technology, especially in recent years.

The delegation went to South Korea to develop cooperation on many issues such as technology, infrastructure, production, especially on railway investments and railway security. sharing information.

The delegation held meetings and contacts on the railway navigation safety and R&D studies at the South Korea Railway Research Institute (KRRI). The delegation, which made studies on railway investments in South Korea, also met with the authorities of the Korean companies, which are the world's leading companies in the railway sector, and also examined their work.


Deputy Minister Iskurt and General Manager Uygun visited South Korea and 18 June 2019 signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in Ankara on Tuesday.

After the appointment of Ali İhsan Uygun as TCDD General Manager, the cooperation process between the two countries' railways goes back to 2006.

HYUNDAI-EUROTEM facilities, which were established with the shares of TCDD and South Korean companies in Adapazarı, produce light rail vehicles, electric train sets and modern metro vehicles for the needs of our country.

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