Led Traffic Signaling System Against Accidents in Tarsus

tarsusta led traffic signaling system against accidents
tarsusta led traffic signaling system against accidents

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation by the Department of Traffic Services, Tarsus District Akşemsettin District Blue Boulevard and Captain Yasar Street intersection with the aim of preventing traffic accidents in the intersection of Led Traffic Signalization System was placed.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Department of Traffic Services by teams, the intersection of the Led Traffic Signalization System placed in order to make the accidents reduced to a minimum, the crossing of the citizens in a safe way was provided. Traffic intersection at the intersection where accidents are intense, the risk of accidents has been minimized while entering the order.

At the intersection where the Led Traffic Signaling System is located, the number of vehicles will be determined separately for morning, noon and evening hours and traffic lights will be managed according to vehicle density. Longer green light will be provided in the direction of traffic, while waiting time of vehicles will be reduced.

Metropolitan area has hit the area where accidents occur frequently

Accidents at the intersection of Mavi Bulvar and Captain Yaşar Street in Akşemsettin District of Tarsus District were injured and damaged.

As a result of the complaints made by citizens on the spot at the junction of the UKOME General Assembly to make arrangements at the junction was moved to the agenda. At the sub-commission meeting held by UKOME General Assembly, it was decided that traffic signaling to the intersection would be appropriate.

Physical arrangements were made by the Department of Road Construction and Maintenance to make the junction suitable for traffic signaling system. Traffic Services Branch Directorate of the Department of Transportation teams with the aim of making the junction safe Led Traffic Signaling System was installed.

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