Scandal Allegation About Train Disaster In Çorlu! .. Defendants Gathered Evidence

scandal about the tragedy train disaster
scandal about the tragedy train disaster

The second hearing of the Çorlu train disaster case will be held at Çorlu Public Education Center in September. According to the pre-trial decision, each complainant will be represented by a maximum of 10 lawyers. Mürsel Ünder, a lawyer who declared that they would appeal the decision, said: gereken The investigations, collecting evidence, which the police should carry out were carried out by TCDD itself and even by the defendants. We will take an attitude towards exposing this. ”

Newspaper WallAccording to the news of Serkan Alan; “The first hearing of the lawsuit opened in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ regarding the train accident in which 25 people died and more than 300 people was injured was held at the 3st High Criminal Court on 1 July. At the hearing, where the police battered the families, the court delegation was suspended due to suspicion of its neutrality.

As a result of the examination of the 2 Heavy Penal Court, Çorlu, a supreme court, concluded that there was no reason to withdraw from the file and returned the case to the 1 Heavy Penal Court. The second hearing of the Çorlu case 10 September 2019 will be held at 09.00 on Tuesday at the 1 Heavy Penal Court in Çorlu.


Çorlu 2'nci Heavy Penal Court rejected the decision to withdraw after the decision to re-evaluate the file Çorlu 1'inci Heavy Penal Court decided. In the indictment, the court delegated the number of lawyers whose names were written in the documents of the victim / complainant and the authorization documents submitted to the file, and brought a limit of 3 attorneys for each complainant.

Mürsel Ünder 10, one of the lawyers of the case, said that they will appeal the court's interim decision at the hearing in September. Ünder stated that the limitation of 3 attorneys could be brought in exceptional cases during the investigation stage and said: lar They tried to do this in the same way in the trial. We think this is an irregular transaction and we will appeal. We think that this decision was taken in order to take the lawyers out of the judiciary especially in the field of social opposition. ”


The first hearing of the train accident in Çorlu Çorlu Courthouse conference hall arranged in a large number of small and insufficient family said. Lawyers and families reacted to the locking of the doors of the conference hall, which was held as a courtroom by the officials. Painful families who wanted to follow the trial and were not taken to the hall were beaten by the police in the courthouse corridors. In its interim decision, the court also decided that the second hearing would be held at the Çorlu Public Education Center.


Attorney Mürsel Ünder stated that the second hearing will be held in the hall with a capacity of approximately 800 people and that an identity check will be made to everyone who wants to follow the case. The same thing will happen again. Interim decision is said to be taken into the hall without identity control. The court acts with so-called security concerns and measures rather than seeking families' justice. ”


It is expected that the statements of the defendants will be taken at the second hearing of the Çorlu train disaster and then the declarations of the families of the victims will be passed. Ünder said that no real investigation has been carried out since the first time the accident took place, and during the second hearing, he said the following:

“We will put forward our claims at this hearing. Çorlu train massacre file, the chief suspects from the General Directorate of State Railways to the lowest level in the form of progress. We believe that the person at every stage of TCDD, including the Minister of Transport, has serious negligence and deliberate shortcomings. To date, none of this has been taken into account, no real investigation has been conducted. They're black. To date, all stages have been carried out in cooperation with TCDD. The police, police investigations, collecting evidence, TCDD itself, even by the defendants were carried out. We will take an attitude to expose it. We will demand the detection and prosecution of the real responsible. Our struggle and efforts will continue. ”

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