Nostalgic Tram from Yenicami to the Public Garden in Sakarya

nostalgic tram
nostalgic tram

Mayor Yüce shared the details about the nostalgic tram that will pass through Yenicami and Çark Street and said: iz We will dress the shops on Bulvar and Çark Street. We'il build awning in front of the shops on the boulevard. The tram will end in the National Garden. ”

Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, SESOB Council of Presidents meeting between Yenicami and Nation Garden shared details about the nostalgic tram with tradesmen. Mayor Yüce said, dün I worked on the nostalgic tram line project from Yenicami to Millet Garden until 02.00 last night. We want to renovate the boulevard completely and pass the tram in the middle. Istanbul will be similar to the nostalgic tram in Beyoglu. ”


Emphasizing that they want to dress all the shops on the boulevard, Mayor Yüce said, “When people look at the Boulevard in Yenicami, they cannot get enough of it. We have undertaken important work in a technical sense with Turkey's leading companies. I hope we want to make a presentation to you one day. I will take the opinion of Sakarya in doing this and if you do not want to do the project. We find finance. We can find the money we need from the European Union, the Islamic Bank or the sources that enter our country. What's important is that we all approve this project. We changed the project several times, but your brother liked the project very much. ”


Emphasizing that the tram will return to Çark Street, Mayor Yüce said, “We will run the tram from the middle of Çark Street to the Millet Garden. Millet Bahcesi will be the last stop of the tram. The project will add air to the city and ease transportation. It will not harm minibuses, minibuses and taxis. We will pass it in the middle of the boulevard. The dressing process is very easy. I had already done this in Güneysu district of Rize. When we look at it, the project should be pleasing to the eye. Later, we will also dress the shops in Çark Caddesi. We want to put an awning in front of the shops on the boulevard. "Those who shop from the boulevard should not be affected by snow and winter." (Mustafa Kaya - Sakaryayenihab is)



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