Change Continues in Kızılay

red change continues
red change continues

Sakarya Street, known as the largest pedestrian zone of Kızılay, the street has gained a new appearance with the renovation works completed in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and Çankaya Municipality.

As a continuation of the renovation works, which received full marks from the citizens of the capital, the ground and landscaping works were started in Thessaloniki and Danube Street.


Within the scope of renovation works, while the key stones paved temporarily in Thessaloniki and Danube Streets are removed, the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Works teams will accelerate their work for asphalt and granite stone coating.

With the renovation works planned to be completed within a month, these streets will be harmonized with Sakarya Street.

COMFORTABLE Pedestrian Roads

The landscaping and ground renovation works in the Red Crescent region will not be limited to Sakarya Region.

Following the existing infrastructure and installation works regarding electricity, renovation works will continue, including Karanfil and Konur Street and Yüksel Street.

Baskent residents who will have more comfortable and safer pedestrian paths will be intertwined with nature with landscaping works that will include flowers and trees.


On the one hand, the Municipality of Metropolitan Municipality performs renovation works on the streets and streets, and on the other hand renews the ramps for the disabled who have completed their economic life or worn out.

Finally, the disabled ramps in the 15 July Red Crescent National Will Square by the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality were expanded and made in accordance with the standards.



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