Bursa's 2020-2024 Strategic Plan Priority Investment Area, Transportation

priority investment area in the strategic plan of the city
priority investment area in the strategic plan of the city

5-2020 Strategic Plan, which Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will benefit from in order to solve the problems of the city in the coming 2024 year, especially in transportation, was voted unanimously in the Metropolitan Municipality Council.

The second session of the September Municipal Assembly was held. In the meeting held under the direction of Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş, Metropolitan Municipality 2020-2024 Strategic Plan was approved. Metropolitan Municipality Strategy Development Branch Manager Alper Bayrak made a presentation to the members of the council about the content structure of the plan to be implemented in 2020.

Thanks from Mayor Aktaş

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, said in a statement, 2020-2024 Strategic Plan for the next 5 annual period, they have identified the road map, he said. Mayor Aktaş stated that with the implementation of the plan, the transfer of city resources to priority needs and sustainability in the solution of basic problems such as transportation will be ensured, Başkan We will leave green Bursa to the future as greener. We will provide economic development by highlighting the potential and values ​​of the city for tourism. With planned urbanization, we will create habitable areas that are resistant to disasters. We will improve the socialization and access to information of our youth while carrying Bursa, which is entrusted to us, to the future. I would like to thank all our stakeholders who have contributed to the preparation of the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, which will play an important role in moving our city to the future. ”

23 bin 197 different views

Metropolitan Municipality Strategy Development Branch Manager Alper Bayrak, in his presentation to the members of the council, the Metropolitan Municipality 2020-2024 Strategic Plan prepared with a wide participation unprecedented previously announced. 14 thousand 344 citizen, 5 thousand 18 personnel, 795 muhtar, 315 focus group, 706 tradesmen, 2 thousand 19 protocol-NGO, 155 public institutions, organizations, NGOs and academic The plan, which is shaped by the opinion, covers the main service area of ​​23, 197 strategic objective, 8 strategic target, 9 indicator and 25 activity area.

Priority investment area, transportation

Stating that 5 billion 14 million 794 thousand TL revenue and 877 billion 14 million 421 thousand TL are planned for the year, Bayrak said, ulaşım Transportation from main service areas, 250 billion 2 million 679 thousand TL share. has been a priority investment area compared to 130. Plan; 33 billion 2 million for Social and Health Services, 62 billion 1 million for Green Area and Environmental Services, 684 million TL for Culture and Tourism Services, 740 million TL for Disaster and Emergency, 595 for Urban Planning million TL and 336 million TL allocated to City and Community Order ”.

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