Preparation for Cruise Tourism in Ordu

Preparing for cruise tourism in the army
Preparing for cruise tourism in the army

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler continues his works in order to make the maritime activities come alive by reconciling Ordu with his sea.

Stating that they will provide cruise tourism to Ordu in this context, Mayor Güler said: “Our army needs a cruiser port. The pier in Ordu will be extended and the navigation boats will be docked easily. We will bring cruise tourism to Ordu ”.


Cruise tourism will contribute to the economy of the Army expressed that the Army Mayor Dr.. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, var We have works related to our port. We're thinking of extending the jetty. Thus, we aim to have a share of cruise tourism in Ordu, the coast of the sea. Our guests who come to our city with cruise tourism will meet their needs such as transportation, accommodation, food and drink. Imagine that the guests on the ships coming here will walk on the coast of Ordu and come to the city. Something great happens. If we can expand the historical places in our province, they can come here for a visit. The army's economy needs it too. We will do our best to bring this investment to our army to increase the potential of such tourism turizm.


On the other hand, the citizens who made a positive return about the project to be carried out said, “It would be a beneficial project for Ordu in terms of both visual and tourism. When we see such a project in the cities we visit, a situation that we like emerges. The cable car already adds vitality to the Army. Besides, a great thing will come out if this project is realized. As a citizen, we can enjoy this project. Everything done is worthy of Ordu Ordu.



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