Old Merko Junction Gets Signalization System

old mercury interchange signaling system
old mercury interchange signaling system

📩 28/09/2019 12:09

One of the important intersections of Isparta, both Gölcük, and the old Merko Junction in the direction of Burdur traffic signaling work was completed and put into service.

In accordance with the instructions of the Mayor of Isparta Sukru Basdegirmen Isparta Municipality by the Directorate of Transportation Services, the work carried out by the intersection is aimed at preventing traffic accidents.

Muzaffer Türkeş District Headman İlker Köse thanked the Mayor of Isparta Şükrü Başdeğirmen for the signaling works carried out at the old Merko Junction. “The old Merko Junction signaling, which has been the problem of our neighborhood for years, has been solved thanks to the sensitivity of our Mayor Şükrü Başdeğirmen. The studies were completed in a short time. Traffic accidents occurred in this junction. I would like to thank the President on behalf of my residents and the neighborhood. ”

Isparta Municipality Transportation Services Director Ismail Cemil Aydogdu said that traffic accidents occurred at the intersection of Merko Junction and that they made the signaling work at the intersection in accordance with the decision of the Provincial Traffic Commission and the instructions of Mayor Başdeğirmen. Aydoğdu said, ık We completed our work at the intersection with the instructions of our President. The street where this junction is located is very busy, connected to Gölcük road and the old Burdur road. In order to prevent accidents, we will continue to work on other streets and intersections as well as here. ”

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