New Underpasses Coming to the Capital

new bottom crossings to the basque
new bottom crossings to the basque

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on new roads, asphalts, underpasses and intersections all over the Capital for uninterrupted and safer transportation.

In order to relieve the traffic at the important points of the capital, the Metropolitan Municipality pushed the button for the underpass and alternative road works at the 5 junction and started the construction of the 3 underpass on the Eskişehir Road Dumlupınar Boulevard. In this region, transportation is provided by alternative routes.


Metropolitan Municipality on the Eskişehir Road under the junction construction work in the junction of the residential and residential neighborhood neighborhood of Kentkent, a subway underpass, after the entrance gate in front of Başkent University realizes the construction of a U-turn underpass.

The Metropolitan Municipality aims to ease the traffic flow in the Ankara-Eskişehir direction thanks to the three underpasses it has started to build in this region.

Underpasses that are being built on the Eskişehir Road are provided by alternative means to ensure that the works do not interfere with the transportation and to continue the transportation without interruption.


During the sub-construction works of the capital city, while coming from the direction of Eskişehir Road to Ankara direction, right turn to Yaşamkent lights is given 400 meter, traffic is transferred to alternative route.

Alternative transportation route starting from Eskişehir Road (Dumlupınar Boulevard);

Starting from 3250 street, after passing through 3222, 3035, 2945 and 2629 streets, the traffic to Dumlupınar Boulevard is given and the vehicle traffic returns to its normal course.

Transportation for the alternative route from Ankara to Eskişehir: The route provided from Ankara to Eskişehir is reversed and connected to the direction of Eskişehir Road.

Dumlupınar Boulevard on the 3 underpass project plans to finish in a short time Metropolitan Municipality, Şaşmaz Industrial Boulevard and Etimesgut Station Avenue junction with alternative boulevard projects will ease the capital traffic.


Accelerating the asphalt paving and asphalt patch work throughout the capital Metropolitan Municipality, Altindag district within the boundaries of the Karapürçek neighborhood road expansion and highway connection work began.

In addition to the 500 highway link arm, each of which is approximately 4 meters, the Metropolitan Municipality has made a total of one thousand 200 meters road expansion on the main routes and accelerated the asphalting of these roads by manufacturing approximately 3 thousand 200 meters.

With the completion of the works, highway connections will be provided to Karapürçek, Beşikkaya, Doğantepe, Hüseyin Gazi, Gicik, Tatlar and Peçenek neighborhoods.

Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams, Çankaya Yaşamkent Mahallesi 3035. He also carries out mechanical paving works on the street before the asphalt.

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