Rail Crisis in Narlıdere Metro

on the narlidere subway
on the narlidere subway

The railroad crisis broke out in Narlıdere Metro, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality tender to Gülermak Heavy Industry Construction and Contracting Co. Inc. with 1 billion 27 million pounds last year. EGELİ MORNINGErcan Gürcanr'in according to the documents reached by the contractor Gulermak, after the completion of the subway construction of the total length of 7.2 kilometer to the metro line between Üçkuyular and Narlıdere districts waiting for a long time in order to lay the rusted, brought rusty rails. Upon the request of the consultant firm, the main contractor received a Ray Rail fatigue test report OD from METU Welding Technology Non-Destructive Testing Research and Application Center regarding the rails stacked to the subway site. The consultant firm did not consider this report sufficient and asked the main contractor Gülermak to have the sandblasting gauge measurements and ultrasonic controls of the rails in order to use the rails in question.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality former Head of the Rail System Department Hanefi Caner, Gülermak'ın rails brought to Izmir may be second-hand rail, he said. Stating that the rails should be inspected by an independent expert, Caner said, “These rails may be rails that have been used before or have waited in stock for a long time. For this reason, these rails must be examined by an expert who will include an expert to be called from the manufacturer and act according to the report they will give. V Stating that the use of such questionable rails in such a project did not find it right, Caner said, İzmir If the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality does not turn wrong, or even does not provide zero rail laying, these rails may break and cause wagons to come off the rail in the future. ”


Reminding that permanent deformations may occur on the rails stacked for a long time, Caner said: “Rails may bend over time and corrosion may occur on the rails. Consultant firm sent the article 'Sandblasting should be done' he says. Sandblasting is the job of sanding and removing rust. That's definitely not enough. To me, these rails are definitely out of the way. If the metropolitan has agreed to come out or lay long-stocked rail, this is literally a scandal. The contractor company should explain why these rails are waiting in stock for a long time. ”


Muammer Saygın, Project Manager of MUSAVIR UBM, was asked to undergo a series of work and processes before the rail fatigue test reports from METU. Corresponding who want to clean the corrugations on the rails, said the bird will not use the detected rails. (MORNING)



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