Konya New YHT Station Underpass Opened

konya new yht gari sub gate was opened to service
konya new yht gari sub gate was opened to service

New High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Railway Underpass which was completed by Konya Metropolitan Municipality was opened to traffic.

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, 4 April, just after the ceremony laid the foundation of the New YHT Railway Underpass, said they had completed by opening the service before the deadline, he said.


In the underpass where vehicle transitions began, President Altay stated that they continue to solve the promised issues for Konya one by one; On the one hand, subway, suburban, bicycles, such as solving the public transport vehicles on the other hand, the main element of the traffic they carry out important projects for the vehicles said. Mayor Altay said, bat The first thing we did after taking Mazbatami was to lay the foundation of the underpass in front of the New YHT Station. I'm also very happy to see that the business that we laid the foundation for after Mazbat is opened today. That day, 25 said that we will complete this place in September. Alhamdulillah a week ago the work was completed and we have now secured the flow of traffic. Railway Street is one of the main arteries of Konya, which is used especially by industrialists. With the opening of the new YHT Station, a rat race would be formed here. We actually built a tunnel. With a tunnel length of 155 meters, we have removed the traffic from the traffic confusion that will occur at YHT Station and it has been active since last night. I hope it will be good for our city. ”

Emphasizing that traffic is one of the topics they work on the most, Mayor Altay said, alt We are carrying out important works about public transportation while making subways and arrangements related to vehicles. Hopefully the subway tender will be held soon. The important thing is to reduce the time people spend in traffic. For this, we work day and night without saying ”.


Mayor Altay thanked the shopkeepers for their sensitivity during the construction of the underpass and said, ana The main slogan of this period is Gönül Belediyeciliği. We are always intertwined with our citizens accordingly. On the one hand, we are working day and night about the needs of the city. Infrastructure works, asphalting works and village roads are continuing in all of 31 districts. One of the best examples of physical municipalities, completed a week before the promise, the 22 million pounds YHT Railway underpass, which is good for our city, ”he said.

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