Renovation of Bus Stations in Karaman

bus stops are renewing
bus stops are renewing

Karaman Municipality, which places new bus stops in needed areas in Karaman, replaces the old stops with more modern stops.

Karaman Municipality, which continues its activities in line with the needs of the city, makes great efforts to enable the citizens to reach their transportation in a more comfortable way. Within this scope, Karaman Municipality Transportation Services Directorate started a study and placed new bus stops at the points that are not on the bus line and renewed the old ones with more modern stops.

The Mayor of Karaman Savaş Kalaycı made a statement about the issue and stated that they are trying to serve the people of Karaman in the best way: uz We continue to determine the needs of our city one by one and produce solutions. One of these needs was the need for a bus stop and the renewal of outdated bus waiting stops. In this context, we offer our public service by replacing our worn and completed bus stops with new and modern waiting stops in accordance with the texture of the city. In addition, we are installing new bus stops at points where there are no waiting stops on the line route. Our citizens are very satisfied with this service. Thus, our passengers waiting for buses will be less affected by rainfall, especially in rainy weather, and less sunlight in extreme hot weather. We will continue to renovate our bus stops which have a very aesthetic appearance. ”



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