Security Cameras Installed in Municipal Buses in Karaman

karamanda municipal buses installed security camera
karamanda municipal buses installed security camera

Security cameras were installed on the municipal buses that provide public transportation services in Karaman. Thus, passengers will have safer transportation in urban transportation.

To the municipal buses serving under Karaman Municipality Transportation Services Directorate; security cameras were installed against control, security and unwanted events. Providing information on the subject, Mayor Savaş Kalaycı: “We have installed a camera system on public buses belonging to our municipality used in public transportation. In this way, we will both ensure the safety of our citizens and inspect the buses. One of the 4 security cameras installed on our buses was mounted on the driver's part to identify the accidents that may occur in front of the bus, and the other was mounted inside the bus to show the passengers between the passenger and the driver. With this application, which we started by taking into consideration the safer travel of our citizens, 24 hours of sound and video will be taken from the buses and will be followed by our transportation services department seven days a week. Moreover, any situation can be intervened. ”



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