Comfort Comes to Izmit Tavsantepe Roads

izmit tavsantepe comfort comes to roads
izmit tavsantepe comfort comes to roads

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the city's needed roads maintenance, repair and renovation work continues. In this context, the superstructure work is being carried out on Dilek Street in the district of Tavşantepe, Izmit. Asphalt pavement was carried out within the scope of the works carried out in the 410 meter section connected to Turan Güneş Street of Dilek Street by the teams of the Department of Science Affairs.


Continuing the road maintenance, repair and renovation works, the Department of Science Affairs is conducting renovation works in Tavşantepe Dilek Street due to electrical infrastructure works and natural deteriorations. With the works that will change the face of the street, 410 tons of asphalt was laid on the 850 meter section of the road. Before laying asphalt, the teams laid 750 tons of PMT floor material on the road floor.


Asphalt finishes Metropolitan teams, pavement work on the street immediately began. The teams are producing sidewalk and parquet manufacturing in line with the studies. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues road maintenance, repair and renovation works in full speed throughout the province.

📩 28/09/2019 10:45

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