Izmir Metro and Tram Owl Flights

owl flights from izmir to metro and tram starts in friday to market
owl flights from izmir to metro and tram starts in friday to market

Izmir Metro and Tram Owl Expeditions: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started public transportation service at night hours with owl flights, is now taking a step further in the subway and tram. “Every hour” commissioning the night expedition application. The application, which covers Friday and Saturday nights, will start on September 13, 2019.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is taking another very important step in public transportation. With the application, which will start from midnight on Friday, September 13, the metro and tram services will continue uninterrupted until two days a week. Thanks to the new application implemented with the slogan "We connect the night in the morning", 24-hour uninterrupted transportation goal is achieved in rail systems.

One time per hour

On the nights that connect Fridays to Saturdays and Saturdays on Sundays, Izmir Metro and Konak and Karşıyaka trams will continue without interruption. The flights will take place once an hour. Thus, the metro and tram business, which starts on Friday in the morning, will continue until Sunday at midnight.

Izmir Metro Map - Izmir Metro Timetables Ticket Prices and Map: Izmir Metro has been providing underground and above ground and underground transportation in the city for many years. İzmir has a wide railway network and has both metro, suburban and tram lines. Metro serves from the Evka 3 district of Izmir to Üçkuyular Fahrettin Altay. Izmir metro stops are both above and below ground. While the waiting time between stations is about 1 minutes, there is a subway departure every 4 minute.

Izmir Metro Owl Flights

Since İzmir metro stops are very frequent, passengers have the opportunity to reach wherever they wish. 17 İzmir Metro, which continues its operations with Fahrettin Altay to Narlıdere.

Izmir Metro Stations

Izmir Metro Stations
Izmir Metro Stations

İzmir metro line in total 17 There is a stall. 11 of these stops are underground and 6 is above ground. Applications such as İzmirim Card and temporary ticket are valid at the stations. It is possible to transfer from Metro to buses and public transport called İZBAN within 90 minutes. There is no transfer to the bus lines to the districts. İzmir metro line stops;

  1. Evka-3
  2. Ege University
  3. Bornova
  4. Area
  5. Industry
  6. Stadium
  7. Halkapınar
  8. Crescent
  9. basmane
  10. Çankaya
  11. Konak
  12. Üçyol
  13. İzmirspor
  14. Hatay
  15. Göztepe
  16. Polygon
  17. Fahrettin Altay

Passengers can arrive at any station at any time in a short time.

Izmir Metro Hours

Izmir metro hours start with the first light of the morning and continue until late at night. The metro, which starts at 06.00 and continues until 00.26 at night, operates between these hours on weekdays. Starting frequency is determined as 10 minutes. There may be changes during the weekend. Izmir metro times may also vary during public holidays and holidays.

Weekdays Saturday Sunday
06:00 - 06:30 10 minutes. 06:00 - 06:30 10 minutes. 06:00 - 00:20 7,5 minutes.
06:30 - 20:00 5 minutes. 06:30 - 20:00 6 minutes.  6 minutes.
20:00 - 00:20 8 minutes. 20:00 - 00:20 8 minutes. 8 minutes.

Additional Tariff Owl Expeditions on Friday and Saturday Nights

View Fahrettin's Full Profile
View Fahrettin's Full Profile
View Fahrettin's Full Profile
Evka 3 - 00.30
Evka 3 - 00:40
Evka 3 - 01.00

Map of Izmir Metro

Map of Izmir Metro
Izmir Metro Map - To see the map larger CLICK HERE



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