International Trade Starts at Izmir International Fair

international trade fair started at izmir fair
international trade fair started at izmir fair

88. Izmir International Fair Izmir International Business Days of Meetings organized within the "Turkey Economy, Trade and Environment undertaking" began with the session.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized by IZFAS 88. Izmir International Fair Izmir Business Days meetings started. The 13 official delegation from the 5 country, including the deputy minister of 40, the minister of industry, economy and trade, is attending the meetings, which will become the center of international trade for two days. In addition to ministers, Business Days include ambassadors, bureaucrats, chambers of industry and commerce and various business organizations.

Turkey and Izmir opportunities in the economy, cooperation and technical infrastructure of introducing "Turkey Economy, Promotion of Business and Trade Media" is the opening of the Days Work began this morning with session Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer did. Izmir Business Days of the Ministry of Commerce of the first session of the Presidential Investment Office, İzmir University of Economics and Eximbank representatives made presentations introducing investment opportunities in Izmir and Turkey.

“Izmir is the Capital of Asia Minor”

In his opening speech, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that İzmir's commercial potential has an 8 thousand 500 annual history and said, İzmir İzmir, which was established as a port city, has always been a trade city; From the beginning of the 1800, it has become one of the wealthiest and most developed metropolises in the world. In Izmir, which is the most developed port of the Levant Region, which is generally defined as yer the place where the sun rises da in the West, an important part of the trade took place. For this very reason, the researchers define İzmir as the “Capital of Asia Minor için.

President Soyer said, “One of the basic approaches we have developed based on the historical basis of İzmir in trade is to bring together investors from different parts of our country and the world. kazanis to pave the way for man. I believe that the “Izmir Business Days” that serve this purpose will make valuable contributions to the valuable business people of Izmir, our city and our country.”

“Our aim is to bring together international investors and kazanmak”

Stating that they aim to shape the future based on the historical basis of İzmir, Mayor Soyer said, “As İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we have prepared an innovative strategy based on this historical basis of İzmir. Perhaps the two things that unite all of our goals in our strategy are economy and democracy. One of the main approaches of our new strategy is to bring together investors from different parts of our country and the world together. kazanis to pave the way for them. Today, we are hosting a meeting that serves this purpose” and emphasized the importance of the meetings.

“New Silk Road Project has an important place among our strategic goals”

President Tunç Soyer, the fair's partner country of the Republic of China a generation underlining that the east-west gateway to the New Silk Road Project Turkey leg described as a path name, made the following statement: "This project's history known as the capital of Asia Minor Our biggest wish is to extend our city to Izmir. Within the framework of this cooperation, it will be possible to develop cooperation on transport networks including highways, railways and ports. This is also an important part of our strategic objectives. I wish that these meetings will carry out studies that will provide valuable contributions to the sector representatives, the valuable business people of İzmir, İzmir and our country in areas where trade between China and our country stands out. I hope that all our guest countries, especially the People's Republic of China, will evaluate the investment opportunities in Izmir and our country and develop cooperation. ”

Dengeli We attach importance to the balanced development of trade ”

G. Müge Varol Ilıcak, General Manager of Foreign Representations and International Events of the Ministry of Commerce, who directed the sessions, stated that they held the İzmir Business Days with an increasing momentum in order to contribute to the intercultural interaction mission of the fair and said, “We have been under the roof of our ministry for five years in order to increase the recognition of the fair in the international arena. We are taking part in the fair with participation at the international state level. These participations give positive momentum to our commercial, economic, cultural and all relations between our countries. kazanwe are sure it will. The fact that the People's Republic of China is this year's partner country has strengthened our hand. As of 2018, our country's trade volume with China is 23,6 billion dollars. After Germany and Russia, China is the largest trading post. These figures actually prove how important we are to the development of trade on a balanced basis.”

commercial map of Izmir and Turkey were removed

This session also, Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Commerce Research Assistant General Manager Recep information while Turkey's overall economic outlook for iron and foreign trade; Presidential Investment Office Project Manager Ahmet Cuneyt Selcuk deals with the investment environment in Turkey told. International loans and financial opportunities were announced by Suzan Usta, Head of International Loans Department at Eximbank; Lecturer at Izmir University of Economics, Department of International Trade and Finance. Dr. Coşkun Küçüközmen made an economic map of İzmir and made a presentation on trade potential.

On the first day of the meetings, bilateral business meetings with the country presentations of Senegal, Maldives, Bhutan, Gambia, Hungary, Ecuador and Macedonia will continue throughout the day. On the second day of the meeting of Turkey-China Business Forum will be held. "One Belt One Road - Modern Silk Road Project" China and Turkey image, especially, institutions and local councils to be held in order to plan their cooperation forum TCA Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, China International Trade Promotion Council (CCPIT) Vice Chairman Zhang Shenfeng, China Republic Ambassador Deng Li, Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey-China Business Council President Murat foreman, China Communist Party of the Chengdu Municipal Party Secretary Fan Ruiping, CCPIT Vice Chairman of Shanghai Cao Jinxi and Izmir Bi; yükşeh Mayor Tunç Soyer attend.

The 18 country that participated in the Izmir Business Days, which will become the center of international trade for two days, at the level of the minister and deputy minister of 40 is as follows:

Bhutan, Gambia, Nicaragua, Ivory, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Somalia, Congo, Northern Macedonia, Ghana, Myanmar, People's Republic of China, Turkmenistan, Andorra, Cuba, Thailand, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tatarstan , Uzbekistan, Botswana, South Sudan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Hungary, Niger, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Togo, Guinea Bissau, Brunei, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Gabon.

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