Mayor İmamoğlu, 'We Will Evaluate Haliç Shipyard Proposals'

imamoglu halic shipyard
imamoglu halic shipyard

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter visiting the Haliç Shipyard, our friends have suggestions to see if this place will be open to the public as well as a production facility. I think it sounds good. We will evaluate it,” he said. After the shipyard tour, İmamoğlu made a short tour of the Golden Horn and Bosphorus with his staff. Imamoglu exchanged views with his staff about the arrangements to be made along the beach during the tour.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, General Secretary Yavuz Erkut, Assistant Secretary General Yeşim Meltem Şişli, Mehmet Çakılcıoğlu, Murat Kalkanlı, Orhan Demir and Murat Yazıcı made investigations at the Haliç Shipyard affiliated to the General Directorate of City Lines. Shaking hands with the shipyard employees who greeted him, İmamoğlu visited the units and received technical information about the facility from the General Manager of Şehir Hatları, Sinem Dedetaş.


İmamoğlu said about the shipyard tour, “This is a workshop that has come from 1400s as our General Manager tells us. At the same time, there is an atmosphere where all the nostalgic feelings of Istanbul can be felt. History and manufacturing, he has the idea of ​​your colleagues. We will consider this idea. This place is both open to the public and makes a form of production, our friends have suggestions. I think it sounds good. We will evaluate. Both the preservation of history and the functioning of the system here would be very noble for Istanbul. ”


After investigations at the shipyard, Imamoglu and his staff boarded the boat and made a short tour of the Golden Horn and Bosphorus. Citizens, Imamoglu noticed during the boat tour waving hands found in love. Imamoglu, during the tour about the arrangements to be made along the coast, exchanged views of the staff. İmamoğlu's Bosphorus tour ended at Harem Pier.

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