400 in Haydarpasa. Market Action

haydarpasada market action
haydarpasada market action

400, the 15 of Sunday actions launched by the United Transport Workers Union and Haydarpaşa Solidarity from the first week, was held on September 2019 Sunday.

The United Nations Transport Workers Union (BTS) 400. Press release on the action, the AKP government from 2004'den Haydarpaşa Gar and Port and around the 1 million m2 public and urban and historical site area of ​​the trade and business center to convert 14, 400, the 15 of the Sunday actions initiated by the Haydarpaşa Solidarity, which we are the component of 2019 in the year, was held on Sunday, September XNUMX.

400 Week Left Behind

With the call of Haydarpaşa Solidarity and our Union, therefore, all sensitive institutions and segments were invited to the 400.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity, which we are a component of and which we run, did not allow the transformation of rented zoning, which was desired to be realized by terminating its industrial function in the station and port area with the struggle it has fought since 2005.

31, where the train service was terminated From January 2012, we made a sound with the slogan “Haydarpaşa Gardır Gar Kalacak acak between 399 and 13.00 on Sundays to say no to the isolation of the historic station building and its surroundings.

Members of the Political Parties, Trade Unions, Democratic Mass Organizations and Representatives and MPs from the CHP and HDP also participated in the event.

Our President Hasan Bektaş was present at the event, which was attended by the members and executives of the Istanbul 1 Branch of our Union, which is a component of the Haydarpaşa Solidarity.

Film Show Held at Haydarpaşa Station

Within the scope of the program, the event started in front of Haydarpaşa Garda in 13.00. The evening was completed with a film screening in the parking lot in front of Haydarpaşa Station.

The statement made by Esin Köymen, Chairman of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Architects, who read the press release is as follows.

Yasal With legal arrangements, plans and projects that contradict the constitution and universal law rules, Haydarpaşa Railway Station and its environs are briefly detached from the public functions, trains and ferries and sentenced to deliberate loneliness. The main purpose of this isolation is the indispensable place of our memories and everyday life, where we see the sea and the legendary silhouette of Istanbul for the first time. to erase from our urban and social memory.

There is no way the rulers did not try for this cause. Under the orders of IMF and World Bank, X World Trade Center and Cruise Port X under the name of 7 skyscraper plans-projects were made, under the pretext of the Olympics irrational projects were put forward, declarations that Haydarpaşa suburbs will come, using the sensitivity of culture and art may appear acceptable to society cultural center, museum and other uses such as museums.

Haydarpaşa Railway Station is Under Protection

“As it is known, for Haydarpaşa Train Station and its Neighborhood, which has been resisting the threats of capital-oriented projects since 2003; With the cancellation of the part within the borders of Üsküdar District from the Development Plans prepared in 2012, the transformation of Haydarpaşa Train Station and its immediate surroundings into a huge tourism and trade area was legally prevented, and an important step was taken for the protection of its symbolic values. kazanim has been obtained. However, Conservation Development Plans that will deliberately protect Haydarpaşa Station and its environs in accordance with its values ​​and main function have not been prepared.

Today, with the temporary construction conditions and allocation decisions announced by the Conservation Boards, this very important area and its structures are demolished and the functional and physical integrity of the area is destroyed. One of the main targets of the Haydarpaşa Gar Building and Back Area is one of the main targets of the SHM BUILDING and Back Area proposal that goes beyond the intense constructions brought to Söğütlüçeşme train station and the surrounding green areas by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in a total area of ​​65 thousand 370 square meters and the transportation needs of railway users. bırakmak

Inda In today's conditions where illegality, irregularity and madness have become ilke principles,, we experience the hope and power of social solidarity along with the difficulty of protecting the values ​​of the city, environment, public and labor. We are aware that the road to dictatorship is built with tribute-auction sale of public assets and rent. However, we have the consciousness and belief that social sensitivities and social solidarity will overcome all difficulties.

As Haydarpaşa Solidarity for Society, City and Environment, 14.year of our struggle against looting is the 400. We reiterate that we are determined to defend Haydarpaşa and its surroundings with its archaeological, cultural, historical and public uses and values ​​and we will never compromise on this issue. asında

Hayd One of the most important identity elements of Istanbul, Haydarpaşa Railway Station is a heritage that we are obliged to carry to the next generations with its close environment and harbor area while preserving its importance and function. The protection of this heritage is the responsibility and responsibility of us as well as sensitive organizations and citizens, as well as the protection boards, municipalities and TCDD and related administrations and public institutions.

We are sensitive citizens, KadıköyWe once again declare to the responsible authorities and officials that we will not come to the game as the locals, Üsküdar people, and Istanbul people, and we will not pass the “pillage and rentier” and we invite public administrations to fulfill their primary duties. ”

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