Free Urban Culture Training for Children from İzmir

free city culture education will be given to children from izmir
free city culture education will be given to children from izmir

The new semester starts on Tuesday, October 1 in the "Urban Culture and History Education Program" prepared by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for four and fifth grade students.

The new period is starting in the Kent İzmir City Culture and Historical Education Program ılan which was started by XIUMX in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Piriştina City Archive and Museum (APİKAM). 2016 October 1 October, the first and fourth grade students will start at 2019.

In the program to be conducted under the roof of APİKAM, one hour visual story presentation is made by expert trainers. Then the students will visit the city and transportation exhibitions in APIKAM with the help of a guide. The program aims to introduce children to the city they live in and the stories of the historical and cultural riches of İzmir and to raise awareness of urbanism. The program will be held with the participation of students from different schools two days a week.

Within the scope of the training program, the changes and development of İzmir in history, Kemeraltı and historical places, Kadifekale and cultural riches, themes such as Atatürk and İzmir will be handled in four different stories within the workshop.

Schools wishing to participate in the free program must make an appointment at or by calling 0232 293 3911- 0232 293 0500.

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