ESTRAM 5 to Purchase Permanent Workers

estram will make permanent labor
estram will make permanent labor

📩 29/09/2019 10:59

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality ESTRAM 5 has announced a permanent recruitment announcement. According to the announcement 1 grain rail systems signaling maintenance and repair, 4 grain mechanical maintenance repairer will be employed. The status of the workers will be permanent workers will also be expressed.

According to the published announcement, only male candidates can apply for the mechanical maintenance repairer announcement, whose quota is 4. For the mechanical maintenance and repair worker to be taken among those who have at least high school graduates, those who graduated from vocational high schools can apply according to the announcement published by the Municipality.

Applications for the announcement announced by ESTRAM Light Rail Systems Transportation Industry Company affiliated to Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality will be made personally. The deadline for application is 30.09.2019.

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality 5 for permanent recruitment announcement CLICK HERE.

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