New General Manager of ESHOT Erhan Bey

eshotun new general manager erhan bey
eshotun new general manager erhan bey

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's strategic plans covering the years 2020-2024 were unanimously approved by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council.

The third session of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's ordinary parliamentary meeting was held under the direction of Mayor Tunç Soyer. In the sessions, the strategic plans of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, ESHOT and İZSU were unanimously accepted.

Strategic plan negotiations covering the years 2020-2024 were held in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly. The five-year plans prepared for ESHOT and IZSU were evaluated together at the following IZSU General Assembly. Republican People's Party (CHP) Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Ozuslu gave information about the plan. Then, Speaker of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Group Vice President Ozgur Hizal also presented his views. The plans were finalized with the suggestions and contributions of the members of the Assembly and adopted unanimously. Thus, İzmir's new strategic plan passed unanimously for the first time from the Metropolitan Assembly. The strategic plan, which is the new road map of İzmir, consists of six strategic objectives and 27 targets.

It was a very comprehensive plan

President Soyer said, orum I would like to thank the Justice and Development Party Group for the unanimous passing of this plan. Strategic plans have been realized with the highest attendance in Turkey today. We took these steps months ago. We held hours of meetings. We tried to synchronize. We met with the rector of the universities in Izmir. We came together with chambers and non-governmental organizations affiliated to TMMOB. A plan with a wide participation will emerge. We pride ourselves on this. Bulundu

Kemeraltı will make İzmir a global brand

Mayor Soyer said, “Kemeraltı is actually the jewel of this city! Kemeraltı is the biggest treasure of this city. The strategic plan was too short, but we need to know the background. Starting from Konak Pier, we will draw a route from Clock Tower, Havra Street to Agora, İkiçeşmelik, amphitheater and Kadifekale. What we aim to do most in the next five years is to make the route from Pier to Kadifekale sparkling. ”

Narrative of Ankara meeting

President Soyer mentioned the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the meeting of the Mayors of the Metropolitan Municipality and gave information about the details of the Ankara summit. İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer said, uz We know our intentions. We all have good intentions. Let's not upset each other by making a meaning from the right to the left. In our meeting with the President, no one used a sentence to hurt anyone. 30 Metropolitan Mayor sat on one side. The president was in the middle and the entire cabinet was in front of us. We have had a wonderful communication. We have submitted our individual demands. We had the opportunity to tell which ministry which job we are waiting for. Individual answers were given. If this continues, this beautiful language of communication can be maintained that Turkey, Izmir benefit. We need to set an example for Izmir. Because people follow us. This is extremely important. We will not only increase the gross national product of İzmir but also the gross product of happiness. It will be an Izmir where all the people of Izmir will be proud to live in this city. This plan is his plan ”.

Erhan Bey, the new General Manager of ESHOT

At the meeting, upon the decision of Mayor Soyer, information that Erhan Bey was appointed to ESHOT General Directorate was presented to the members of the assembly.



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