Elevators on Pedestrian Overpasses in Kocaeli are Clean

The elevators in the upper passages are immaculate
The elevators in the upper passages are immaculate

Elevators in pedestrian overpasses are of great importance for the transportation of normal citizens as well as elderly, pregnant and disabled citizens. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Park Garden and Green Areas Department teams in order to enable the citizens to use the elevators in a clean way on the D-100 Izmit pedestrian bridges in the cleanliness of the cleaning is incessantly.


There are 100 elevators in 15 pedestrian overpasses on the Izmit D-36. The elevators, which are used on the D-100 route, are cleaned periodically so that the citizens who get off the public transportation vehicles can easily climb the pedestrian bridges. Satisfaction of the citizens with the cleaning works carried out kazanit's warm.


Modern pedestrian overpasses built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality have elevators. These elevators, which were previously only accessible to disabled and elderly individuals, are now open to the use of 7 / 24 for all of our people. Citizens who want to reach public transportation stops through the overpass can get up and down using the elevator and escalators.


On the D-100 route, the elevators are cleaned periodically so that the citizens who come down from public transportation can easily climb to the pedestrian bridges. Park, Garden and Green areas teams and the lifts are cleaned every Monday and Friday. Thus, the hygiene problem of the elevators is eliminated. The elevators, which have the necessary controls, are cleaned again if needed.

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