Marmaray Move from Ekrem İmamoğlu

ekrem imamoglundan marmaray move
ekrem imamoglundan marmaray move

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) stated that the transfer is valid for the transition from metro to Marmaray, just like the transition from Marmaray to the metro line.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) President Ekrem İmamoğlu stated that it is the demand of Istanbul residents that the transfers are valid in the metro, as well as in the transition from Marmaray to the metro line.

İmamoğlu said, "Of course, I will share this request with the Ministry of Transport."

İmamoğlu shared a video with his description.

In the video, the information about the 38 free IETT line integrated to metro lines was shared.

The video said, "Citizens who use these lines before or after the subway pay a single ticket."

In the video highlighted that those who transfer to Marmaray from free lines have to pay, the statements used that citizens want the single ticket tariff to be valid for Marmaray as well.





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