Diyarbakir Intercity Bus Terminal

intercity bus terminal
intercity bus terminal

📩 27/09/2019 13:09

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which is the mirror of the city Diyarbakir Intercity Bus Terminal Operations (DİŞTİ) at night hours by cleaning the area from waste by cleaning the sidewalk and avenues with pressurized water, in the morning, the citizens' common areas, the display and cleaning of ornamental pools realized.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department, which continues its works for a cleaner city, has done cleaning work from A to Z in DİŞTİ which is the mirror of the city. Taking into account the flow of vehicle traffic and cleaning work started late at night teams, the first area, the arrival of the garbage waste thrown in a beautiful way was cleaned with road cleaner vehicles. After the disposal of waste, the streets and sidewalks of the bus station were washed with pressurized water.

Thanks from tradesmen and citizens

After the cleaning at night, the Department of Environmental Protection and Control carried out cleaning work in the interior of DİŞTİ in the morning. Addressing the staff before the cleaning work, Diyarbakir Deputy Governor Mr. Remzi Oguz Yilmaz, emphasizing that the bus station is the mirror of the cities, wanted to be carried out in the best way and meticulously.

Following the coordination, some of the officers who started the cleaning work washed and wiped the windows in the bus terminal with detergent and wiped out the common areas, places and ornamental pools of the passengers. Artisans and citizens closely following the work, thanks to the staff of Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality for their labor.

Stating that there was no work done at the bus terminal despite the applications, Aydın Özgen, President of Diyarbakır Bus Operators Association, said, aca The applications we have made for our bus station have not been answered for years. Thanks to Diyarbakır Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu and Deputy Governor Remzi Oğuz Yılmaz heard our voice. They showed their sensitivity by visiting our bus station as they were in charge of their duties. They made a great effort in terms of the solution of these problems by seeing all the existing problems of our bus station. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them before you. I hope that our bus station that captures a bus station in Turkey, "he said.

Expressing that the bus terminal is in a very bad condition in terms of cleanliness, Feridun Karakaş, the representative of the new Diyarbakır bus company, said, ız Our bus station was in a really bad condition. We are very pleased with the cleaning work and the services we have done. We want these studies to continue. We thank those who contributed to this study. Çalış

Mehmet Şaban Durmuş, the official of Diyarbakır bus company, who wanted the works not to be limited to one day, said: orum As my friends said, I would like to thank our municipality and Mr. Vali. I hope these studies are not limited to today. I wish our bus station to have a beautiful, more organized and more spacious appearance for our passengers to start a healthy and peaceful journey. ”

Mr. Sedat Karahanli, Head of Environmental Protection Department, stated that they started cleaning on the orders of our Governor and Hasan Basri Guzeloglu, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. We will do our best to ensure that our citizens receive a cleaner and better quality service. Nobody should worry about that..

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