Çorlu Train Disaster Case, Today 600 Personality Hall

corlu train disaster case will be seen today in the hall of personality
corlu train disaster case will be seen today in the hall of personality

At the first hearing, the families and lawyers were not taken in because the room was 'small', then the court announced that they were withdrawing from the case.

The families and lawyers were not taken to the hall and battered by the police on the grounds that the room was small in the first trial of the disaster in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, where 25 people died and 328 people were injured. After the trial started, the court board was withdrawn from the case. The first hearing, which was postponed, will be held on September 10 in the 600-person hall of Çorlu Public Education Center.

T24According to the news of Edirne, Uzunköprü district of Istanbul HalkalıPassenger train, which has 362 passengers and 6 personnel, moving to Istanbul, was derailed on July 8, 2018, near Sarılar Mahallesi in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ. 7 people, 25 people died in the accident, 328 people were injured. TCDD 1st Regional Directorate, which was found to be defective in the occurrence of the accident by the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. Halkalı Turgut Kurt served as Railway Maintenance Manager at 14's Railway Maintenance Directorate. Çerkezköy Özkan Polat, who is the Road Maintenance and Repair Chief in the Road Maintenance Chief, and Celaleddin Çabuk, who worked as a Line Maintenance and Repair Officer in the Road Care Chief, and working under the body of TCDD and signed in the annual public inspection report in May, about the negligent death of Bridges Chief Çetin Yıldırım. and a court case was filed at the Çorlu 2st High Criminal Court, demanding prison terms from 15 years to 1 years for injury.

"Who gave the order to be battered?"

The trial began on July 3 at the 1-seat Conference Hall, organized as the First High Criminal Court in the Corlu Court of Justice. However, when the families were not taken inside for the reason that there was no room in the hall, there was a conflict. After the arcade, which lasted about 130 hour, after the families were taken into the hall, the lawyers of the families brought the events to the agenda with the start of the hearing. Lawyers argued that the courtroom doors were locked and families were not taken inside, and families inside and outside and some lawyers were battered by the instructions given. Lawyers filed a criminal complaint to determine who ordered to be battered. The prosecutor also supported the decision to file a criminal complaint and asked the court to determine who gave the order.

Withdrawal declined

Upon his complaint and petition, the court delegation explained that he had withdrawn from the case and sent the file to the 2nd High Criminal Court.

2. The Assize Court rejected the panel's decision to withdraw from the case. In the decision, it was concluded that the Çorlu 1st High Criminal Court's decision to withdraw was not appropriate. The decision of the withdrawal given by the court committee of the 1st High Criminal Court of Çorlu is not appropriate in accordance with article 30/2 of CMK, the decision to withdraw the committee from the hearing, the file being returned to the Corlu 1st High Criminal Court for the necessary procedures, As a result of the investigation, it was decided unanimously and unanimously according to the request. ”

600 hall created

July 15 Hall at Çorlu Public Education Center on Çorlu's Çoban Çeşme Mahallesi Bülent Ecevit Boulevard to prepare for the train accident case was prepared as a hearing hall. Before the hearing, which will start on Tuesday, a security camera and X-Ray ray device were placed at the entrance of the hall for 600 people and arrangements were made in the hall. The lawyers were prepared for the first line of the defendants and the lawyers of the defendants, except for the section reserved for the victims' relatives. The seating parts of the hall where the court will take place on the stage are reserved for the audience.
Comprehensive security measures will be taken by police teams both inside and outside the hall on court day.

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