Response from Çorlu Train Accident Family to TCDD!

corlu train accident families tcddye response
corlu train accident families tcddye response

8 in Sarılar village of Çorlu district of Tekirdağ 2018 child 7 people were killed and 25 people were injured in the train massacre that occurred on July 340.

TCDD related social media accounts Ankara YHT Station, "TCDD in accordance with the new vision of speed and built in order to represent the dynamism Ankara YHT Station, reflecting the contemporary understanding of architecture, Turkey and continues to appear in the prestigious works of Capital" in shares found.


Mısra Öz Sel called TCDD from her personal Twitter account: düşün Think of an institution; No employee training, no first aid and emergency plan, do not care for the grill, an employee who reports deficiency, who makes the road checks with eyes, meteorology news, what happens if your building is beautiful? The @tcddemiryol "

In another sharing, Mısra Öz Sel said: düşün Think of an institution; The speed is above normal standards, the infrastructure is missing and without a seat belt, too many passengers can not control the ticket, standing on top of the cabin without cover, Pamukova 41, Çorlu 25, 9 in Ankara is the grave. ”

“There is no show, no conscience”

Gürkan Köse called TCDD by adding photos of those who lost their lives on the disaster from his personal Twitter account: “Pamukova 41 Can !!! Çorlu 25 Can !!! Ankara 9 Can !!! It doesn't matter they have a show, no conscience !!! I am father, you will surely give Sena's account to justice !! ” (Hüreyra Oflaz - OdaTV)

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