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Kayseri 20-21-22 September 11 Grand Prix Erciyes and Tour of Kayseri international road cycling races 100 athletes from the country was the scene of the struggle.

Erciyes, which has become the center of global cycling teams for high altitude training camps, reinforces its image with international competitions. Kayseri, which hosted international road cycling competitions that scored the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in the previous week, 20-21-22 was the scene of the struggle of master pedalists from all over the world with the Grand Prix Erciyes and Tour of Kayseri races in September.

International Cycling Union UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), organized by the Cycling Federation and Turkey, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Erciyes Inc. and Velo Erciyes, and with the support of public institutions and organizations, the races took place in three stages. In addition to the competitions, Turkey; 11 professional cycling athletes from 100 countries, including Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Morocco, Iraq and Algeria. Turkish athletes approached the Olympics with their scores in these races.

The races, which started with the 143-kilometer Grand Prix Erciyes tour, ended with the 133-km tour on the second day and the 153-km Tour of Kayseri stage on the third day. In the Grand Prix Erciyes stage, Nikolai Shumov from the Belarusian National Team took the first place, Onur Balkan from the Salcano Sakarya Metropolitan Cycling Team took the second place and Ahmet Örken from the same team took the third place. VIB Sports Cycling Team from Bahrain won the best cycling team award, while the youngest athlete award was Azen Gabiden from Kazakhstan National Track team. kazanwas.

In the first stage of the Tour of Kayseri tour, Stanislau Bazhkou of Belarus National Team came first, Ahmet Örken of Salcano Sakarya Metropolitan Bicycle Team came second and Azen Gabiden of Kazakhstan National Track came third.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Salcano Sakarya Metropolitan Cycling Team Honorary President of the second stage of the Tour of Kayseri tour, which Memduh Büyükkılıç started with the Governor of Kayseri Şehmus Günaydın. kazanwas. Oğuzhan Tiryaki from the same team came second and Elchin Asadov from VIB Sports Cycling Team came third in the race. Salcano Sakarya Metropolitan Cycling Team achieved the success of being the best team in the 'Tour of Kayseri' race.

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