BURULAŞ and BUDO Support Bursaspor

burulasin and bursaspor support
burulasin and bursaspor support

The sponsorship agreement between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursaspor Club was signed by Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş and Bursaspor Club President Mesut Mestan. President Aktaş, Bursaspor should be taken out of the city with the support of Bursaspor and a better point, he said.

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Bursaspor Özlüce facilities and the members of the Board of Directors of Bursaspor attended the meeting, biri One of the most important values ​​of our city, we came together to contribute to the power and strength of Bursaspor. Bursaspor is a team that has become synonymous with our city and has the voice of our city. Every team in Anatolia is valuable for the city, but Bursaspor has a different value and importance. Bursaspor is a team that has won the appreciation of not only the citizens of Bursa but also many football fans with this stance. ”

“The success of Bursaspor is the success of Bursa”

President Aktaş, who draws attention to the contributions of Bursaspor to Turkish football since the past, pointed out that many sportsmen of Bursa origin are proud to play in important football teams. Of Bursaspor's future with the right step to getting better and while the athletes in capacity will represent Turkey abroad Bursa salvaging President Aktas stating there would be, since the day he took office 22 months ago reminded that Bursaspor support, also of misfortune that Bursaspor live said it would be temporary.

Mayor Aktaş believes that Bursa is able to win the championship again and said, “We encounter difficulties from time to time. But the challenges and challenges make success even more valuable. Never forget that. The success of Bursaspor is the success of the city. Therefore, the support of all the dynamics of the city is important and valuable. We will continue to support and support Bursaspor on the legal line. We aim to bring Bursaspor to better places ”.

A new tender was held

Speaking about Bursaspor Stadium (Bursa Metropolitan Stadium) where Bursaspor is still a tenant, Mayor Aktaş said, “The stadium was very talked about during the election process and political material was made. the stadium where the match played officially since 2015 years, compared to other major stadiums in Turkey, more than the material used. So this has a very serious cost. Due to the fact that the expropriations were not made completely, the costs appeared in a short time. Until now, there was an element that tied our hands. Although we have come together with the existing contractor many times and tried to do something in good faith, and within the legal framework, although he has no money, unfortunately we could not do what we wanted and we terminated the contract a few months ago. Last week we held a new tender. ”

Crocodile Head Completes at 2020

Stating that he frequently encountered questions about the crocodile head in the stadium, Mayor Aktaş said, uz We want the stadium to be a gain in favor of Bursaspor and the city. The name of the stadium and Bursaspor, responsible for the use of facilities provided by the contract. In no way is our savings. Bursaspor is completely free. We do not have a complex about the name, the desired name can be evaluated provided that Bursaspor gain. Kazanç

The head of the stadium will be completed at the beginning of the year 2020 Aktas, mechanical installation arrangements and maintenance within the stadium, head section environmental arrangement and the transfer of the club's administrative buildings will be carried out within the scope of the new tender said.

Acak Will be a living venue ”

Stating that the stadium should not only be match time but also a living place, Aktaş also shared the details of the sponsorship agreement. Mayor Aktaş, although not the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality, Bursaspor'a to support the stadium, referring to the work,, Stadium, before and after the match we do all the cleaning operations, 5 staff are working with 40 throughout the day. BURFAŞ provides catering services in the stands of the 1963 stands and lodges with the management of the buffets in the stadium and the services of our cops. We will strengthen our support to Bursaspor with the sponsorship agreement. We signed an agreement with 3,5 million TL regarding the form sponsorship. 2,5 million TL will be provided by sponsors and 1 million TL will be provided by BUDO, a subsidiary of BURULAŞ, which provides transportation to our city by sea and land. ”

5,5 million TL support to Bursaspor

Mayor Aktaş, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality under the leadership of the support provided by the value of approximately 5,5 million TL, Bursaspor will come to a better point, he said. Aktaş, 600 thousand TL for cleaning the stadium, 1 million 200 thousand TL for catering and hospitality, BUDO breast advertisement VAT included 1 million 200 thousand TL and 2,5 million TL including financial support provided by sponsors Total amount of 5,5 million TL support.

“Let's protect Bursaspor”

Mayor Aktaş reminded the efforts to support the sms campaign and to give special children a form as a gift in order to raise awareness about Bursaspor. “Loving Bursaspor is not at the keyboard. Bursaspor is an important value. To love Bursaspor is to take ownership. Let us claim Bursaspor sahip, stressing that he can go to the Super League with the support of the team by all city and city dynamics.

Bursa's brand Bursaspor calls for support

Chairman of Bursaspor Club Mesut Mestan thanked Mayor Aktaş for his support to the club and said, ız We have a president who loves Bursaspor very much and it is a phone call away. May this support continue to multiply. The support of our politicians and the leaders of the city is important. We work hard. We don't deserve our location. In 2009-2010, we are working with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm considering the happiness of Bursa. We aim to win the top league at the end of next season and give Bursa what it deserves. We call on all Bursa to support Bursaspor, the brand of our city. ”

After signing the protocol, a photo was taken with the BUDO advertised form. With the protocol signed by BURULAŞ General Manager Kürşat Çapar, BUDO advertisement took its place in Bursaspor jerseys. Çapar stated that if a new company is sponsored, they can withdraw as BUDO even in the middle of the season and thus Bursaspor can be supported more.



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