Bilecik YHT Guide Train Accident Cause

bilecik yht train accident cause
bilecik yht train accident cause

The Reason of Bilecik YHT Guide Train Accident; The electric guide locomotive number 68059, which starts from Ankara and proceeds to control the Eskişehir Alifuatpaşa - Eskişehir Yüksel High Speed ​​(YHT) line, on the return road (Alifuatpaşa Eskişehir) at Km 216 + 145, at 06.08 in the tunnel within the borders of the Ahmetpınar village of Bilecik center. derailed and hit the wall. Sedat Yurtsever and Recep Tunaboylu, the drivers of the guide train, died in the accident.

Guide Train derails and hits Tunnel Walls

Bilecik Governor Bilal Senturk, the locomotive, Eskisehir and Ali Fuat train stations in Sakarya daily YHT line is a guide train that controls the morning hours, he said.

KazanReferring to the first determinations made after the operation, Şentürk said: “Our locomotive, which routinely controls the high-speed train line between Eskişehir Ali Fuatpaşa stops every day, entered the place a little faster at 30 kilometers per hour, got out of control, and first entered the wall between the two tunnels and then the tunnel. The accident occurred by being dragged about 200 meters inside. Unfortunately, two of our mechanics on the locomotive died. AFAD, our gendarmerie, our high-speed train team took our bodies out of the tunnel and delivered them to their families in Eskişehir. We wish God's mercy on our mechanics Sedat Yurtsever and Recep Tunaboylu who lost their lives in the accident.

Governor: Machinists Did Not Comply with Speed ​​Limits!

Governor Senturk, kazanTo the questions of why it happened, “After the examination of the black box of the train, kazanThe reason will be revealed. It's technically unclear, but we think it got into the tunnel a little too fast. As a result of the necessary technical examinations when the black box is found kazanThe reason will be revealed. The speed seems a little fast but in the black box kazanThe exact reason will be revealed. More detailed explanations will be made after the necessary technical examinations are made," he said.

Bilecik YHT Train Accident Photo Gallery

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What is Guide Train?

According to the TCDD definition, "As an additional safety and security measure, the train operated without a passenger on the line before the start of the first commercial flight."

bilecik yht train accident cause
bilecik yht train accident cause

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