Transportation Good News to the People of Ankara from Mayor Yavaş

President Yavastan Transportation Transportation to Ankara
President Yavastan Transportation Transportation to Ankara

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş announced the transportation reform in the capital.

Mayor Yavaş explained the transportation good news during the European Mobility Week and shared many projects with the citizens from the public transport vehicles, the free parking application at the Metro stations, the electric bicycle rental service and the bicycle path.


Following the Haluk Levent concert held in Anıtpark, President Yavaş gave good news to the citizens of Başkent before the concert.

Mr. Yavaş started his speech by thanking the capitalists for the intensive participation of the activities organized within the scope of European Mobility Week and continued as follows:

“First of all, I would like to express my satisfaction. We completed the Great Ankara Bicycle Tour with thousands of people. From 7 to 70, all the people of Ankara used the streets happily and peacefully. I would like to thank all of my fellow citizens who responded to our call and participated in the events extensively. ”

Stating that the capital needs urgent transportation reform, Mayor Yavaş said, ız We are aware of climate change. We want to make Ankara a city that is not car-oriented but human-oriented and environment-friendly. ”


Pointing out that families need places to walk, bicycle paths, and squares that will create awareness of the city, Mayor Yavaş said “we need to get rid of the highways, get away from traffic stress and live a healthier life”.

President Yavaş listed the transportation gospels prepared in line with the needs of the capital and the capitalists:

- X Every year in Ankara, approximately 400 citizens die in traffic accidents. We aim to reduce this number to at least half this period with the measures to be taken and projects that will encourage public transport.

- The air pollution limit is exceeded on average 250 times per year. The most important reason for this is the heavy traffic. We will protect the health of our people and reduce health expenditures from our perspective of transportation

- The average 36 minute is lost in traffic every day. We aim to reduce this time at a high rate and prevent loss of time and cash with our studies.

-We will build a sports Ankara

-We start the sustainable transportation master plan where we will shape the future of the city's bicycle infrastructure. We will follow our goals with this plan

- We're working on the technical part of the bike path project. We plan to complete the construction of our pilot project from Ümitköy to Tandoğan within one year. About 56 kilometers. We even calculate the carbon monoxide ratios on this route.

-We demanded loans from the World Bank in order to spread the bicycle road network throughout Ankara. If accepted we would like to equip the city with bicycle paths

- We'il run an electric bike in Ankara. In the first stage, we will serve the 17 bike at the 400 station on the pilot route.

- Our EGO buses with bicycle apparatus were put into service. We will make our 700 bus suitable for bicycle transportation in one year

- We make the stairs and wagons of our metro stations suitable for carrying bicycles. You will be able to use your bikes on public transport. We continue to work to use this application on all subway lines

-You will be able to carry your folding bikes in our buses, except for heavy hours

-We are moving to the park park and go sistem system for petroleum. In order to avoid driving cars into the city center, we start to build parking lots at our Metro stations. Those traveling by public transport will be able to use these parking lots free of charge. We will continuously increase the number of these parking lots. ”


Within the scope of European Mobility Week activities, citizens started to pay attention to President Yavaş, who started at Kuğulu Park, continued at Tunalı Hilmi Street and then participated in the walking event that ended in Anıtpark.

Walking along the street to President Yavaş greeting citizens; Deputy Parliament Speaker Levent Gök, MPs, EU ambassadors, European Union Delegation President Ambassador Christian Berger, Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yaşar, Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, NGO representatives and many citizens were accompanied.


President Yavaş who watched the Haluk Levent concert in Anıtpark together with the citizens said that the citizens of such organizations that create awareness are extremely happy.

Dutch Ambassador to Ankara Marjanne de Kwaasteniet also followed the European Mobility Week activities on their social media accounts and gave bicycles to citizens who shared their photos and liked the photos the most.

The Metropolitan Municipality City Orchestra and Haluk Levent gave an unforgettable evening to the capital city with their concert.



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