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transportation to istanbul airport
transportation to istanbul airport

HAVAIST, a brand of Istanbul Bus Operations Inc., an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, makes transfers from Istanbul Airport to certain points in the city arrival and departure directions. Passengers are advised to be at their stops 19 minutes before departures from 7 centers 24 hours a day, 15 days a week.

Gayrettepe-Airport, which will provide transportation between Istanbul Airport and the city center, which has started to serve full capacity, and Halkalı-The work of the airport metro lines continues. Next year, Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport is expected to be put into service as a priority.

There are public transportation facilities for passengers who want to come to the airport other than their own vehicle or taxi. In this context, IETT's H1, H2, H3, H4 buses and Istanbul Bus Operations A Ş, an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, are carried out with Havaist buses. In addition, Istanbul Seyahat started to organize intercity voyages between the airport and Çorlu and Tekirdağ as of April 15.

IETT's H-1 Mahmutbey Metro, H-2 Mecidiyekoy, H3 Halkalı and H-4 Atatürk Airport buses depart with double tickets.


Havaist flights, which have been launched to provide easy access to the airport for the passengers with luggage, are made by 19 luxury buses from the separate center and 51 intermediate stops. On 150 day of the week, 7 buses are only available for 'Istanbulkart' and credit cards.

HAVAIST is based on safety and quality service to passengers with the 2018 model Euro46 vehicles of 6 people to be used in passenger transportation. The services provided in HAVAIST are designed on the basis of passenger comfort and with the aim of making a comfortable journey, wide distances between the seats, adjustable headrests and a high interior space have been designed.

With the latest technological products, TV-movie-series and so on. In addition to its services, it is aimed to make the journey enjoyable by providing USB powered charging units and Wi-Fi service.


At Istanbul Airport black E, blue D ve orange C Taxis operate in 3 different segments. In addition to the main stops planned separately in the domestic and international passenger arrival sections, passengers can also benefit from the vehicles located on the departure floor and the other arrival floor. The lowest fare according to the tariff based on transportation from 39 districts of Istanbul 52 TL from Arnavutköy, the highest wage 272 TL with Şile. Airport taxi fares announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Taxis Craftsmen are as follows:

European Side Air Fees

  • Arnavutköy 52 TL,
  • Hunters 130 TL,
  • Bagcilar 98 TL,
  • Bahçelievler 135 TL,
  • Bakırköy 147 TL,
  • Basaksehir 110 TL,
  • Bayrampaşa 117 TL,
  • Besiktas 145 TL,
  • Beylikdüzü 154,00 TL,
  • Beyoğlu 145 TL,
  • Buyukcekmece 157 TL,
  • Catalca 115 TL,
  • Esenler 97 TL,
  • Esenyurt 155 TL,
  • Eyüp 60 TL,
  • Fatih 127 TL,
  • Gaziosmanpaşa 120 TL,
  • Güngören 130 TL,
  • Kağıthane 92 TL,
  • Küçükçekmece 137 TL,
  • Sarıyer 112 TL,
  • Silivri 227 TL,
  • Sultangazi 97 TL,
  • Şişli 147 TL,
  • Zeytinburnu 130 TL.

Anatolian Side Air Fees

  • Ataşehir 150 TL,
  • Beykoz 138 TL,
  • Çekmeköy 188 TL,
  • Kadıköy $ 168,
  • Eagle 252 TL,
  • Maltepe 217 TL,
  • Pendik 247 TL,
  • Sancaktepe 195 TL,
  • Sultanbeyli 195 TL,
  • Sile 272 TL,
  • Tuzla 225 TL,
  • Ümraniye 145 TL,
  • Uskudar 160 TL. (+ Bridge and highway)
transportation to istanbul airport
transportation to istanbul airport

HAVAIST Expedition Times - Havaİst Fees

  • İST6 ALİBEYKÖY Zip code OTOGARI-ISTANBUL AIRPORT: 31 km, 45 minutes, 16 TL
  • İST11 ARNAVUTKÖY-AIRPORT: 20 km., 35 minutes, 12 TL
  • İST17 AVCILAR-HALKALI-VICINITYMANIA: 40 km, 100 minutes, 16 TL.
  • İST15 BAHÇEŞEHİR-AIRPORT: 42 km., 100 minutes, 16 TL
  • İST4 BAKIRKÖY IDO-AIRPORT: 44 km., 80 minutes, 18 TL
  • İST14 BAŞAKŞEHİR-AIRPORT: 27 km, 40 minutes, 14 TL.
  • İST5 BEŞİKTAŞ-AIRPORT: 43 km, 90 minutes, 18 TL.
  • IST3 ESENLER OTOGAR-AIRPORT: 39 km, 75 minutes, 16 TL.
  • İST7 KADIKÖY-AIRPORT: 64 km, 110 minutes, 25 TL.
  • İST12 KEMERBURGAZ-AIRPORT: 21 kilometers, 30 minutes, 12 TL
  • İST16 MAHMUTBEY METRO-AIRPORT: 36 km, 75 minutes, 15 TL
  • İST18 MECIDIYEKOY-'s DistrictsMANIA: 37 km, 60 minutes, 16 TL.
  • İST8 PENDİK-AIRPORT: 97 km., 100 minutes, 30 TL
  • İST10 SANCAKTEPETEPEÜSTÜ-AIRPORT: 64 km, 120 minutes, 25 TL.
  • İST13 SARIYER-HACIOSMAN HATTI : 40 km., 75 minutes, 16TL
  • İST1S Sultanahmet-EMİNÖNÜNUDE: 52 km, 100 minutes, 18 TL
  • İST19 TAKSİM- AIRPORT: 40 km., 80 minutes, 18 TL
  • İST2 TUYAP-AIRPORT: 58 km, 100 minutes, 21 TL
  • İST1Y YENİKAPI-AIRPORT: 48 km, 110 minutes, 18 TL


H1 MAHMUTBEY METRO-ISTANBUL AIRPORT: Mahmutbey Metro - Karacaoğlan Primary School - İnönü Street - Halkalı Caddesi - Piri Reis - 15 Temmuz Mah. - Sanayi Mahallesi - Ikitelli Bridge - Istanbul Airport.

H2 MECIDIYEKOY-ISTANBUL AIRPORT: Mecidiyeköy Metrobus - Çağlayan Road - Nurtepe Viaduct - Hasdal - Kemer Road - Forest Road - Coastal Safety - Istanbul Airport. Depending on the traffic situation, the 30-40 is performed in minutes.

H3 RING - ISTANBUL AIRPORT: Customs - Halkalı İstasyon - Gültepe Mahallesi - Lake Houses - Bezirganbahçe TOKİ - İstasyon Mah. Muhr. - Sakarya Street - M. Akif Ersoy Hospital - Europe Houses 3 - Halkalı Police station - Halkalı Park - Koca Ali Sokak - Güneşpark Houses - Halkalı Yolu - İkitelli Caddesi - Atatürk Mahallesi - İkitelli Garage - MASKO 2 - MASKO 1 - Demirciler Sitesi - Istanbul Airport.

Producing Women Festival in Denizli will be held on 19-21 January 2024

The Metropolitan Producing Women Festival, which will be held for the 3rd time by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, will be held on 19-20-21 January 2024. Those who want to contribute to their family economy by exhibiting their handmade products [more...]

China Decided to Discount Visa Fees by 25 Percent

In the statement made by the Consular Affairs Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was reported that visa fees for entering China have been gradually reduced. According to the statement, COVID-19 will be classified as "Category A" as of January 8. [more...]

China Releases Action Plan to Improve Air Quality

China's State Council has released an action plan to improve air quality as part of the country's efforts to promote high-quality economic development. Plan encourages green industry transitions [more...]

Erkilet Boulevard Gets a Renewed Road Worth 15 Million TL

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç gives immediate instructions upon the request of the headmen and gives Erkilet Boulevard, which has completed its economic life, a renewed road worth 15 million TL. Erkilet [more...]

Ideas That Will Shape the Future of Libraries Will Be Discussed in Ankara

Turkey's first idea marathon in the field of librarianship is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Ankara on 11-12 December 2023. According to the statement made by the Ministry, Libraries and Publications General [more...]

25 Million TL Support from Red Crescent to Earthquake Victims

607 tradesmen affected by the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes benefited from the Red Crescent's Tradesman Support Project, which provides cash aid to small-scale tradesmen and enables them to reactivate their workplaces. In cities in the earthquake zone [more...]

Swimming Training for 7 Thousand 500 Students in Konya

The third term training of the "No One Who Can Swim" project carried out by Konya Metropolitan Municipality has started. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay said, “In the first stage, Meram, Karatay, Çumra, [more...]

AOÇ Women's Cooperatives Support Farmers by Selling Products Without Intermediaries

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı sells the products produced by women's cooperatives and unions established by Atatürk Forest Farm (AOÇ) with permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to the end consumer. [more...]

Landslide in Zonguldak: There are People Trapped Under the Ruin

Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) Presidency announced that a two-storey house in Zonguldak collapsed due to a landslide. In the statement made by AFAD, around 20.00:XNUMX in Asma neighborhood Tulubaüstü [more...]

Count Species Event was Held in Ormanya with 113 Different Species

Citizen Science Event “Tür Say” organized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was held in Ormanya. In the event known as Bioblitz and called Tür Say in Turkey, the flora and fauna of the region [more...]

750 TL Education Aid from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Istanbul Students

This year, IMM supports children from Istanbul who are educated at primary and high school levels. This year, 83 thousand children will benefit from the 'So You Read' education aid. [more...]

Earthquake Life Symposium Held in Izmir

"Living with Earthquake Symposium" was held in cooperation with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir City Council and TMMOB Chamber of Architects Izmir Branch. The outputs of the symposium will be compiled into a book and provided guidance to relevant institutions and organizations. [more...]
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