The Giants of Asia will mark the İzmir International Fair

asian giants will mark the international fair in izmir
asian giants will mark the international fair in izmir

88 with the slogan ız We are at the fair ”. The gigantic countries of Asia will mark the İzmir International Fair, which is preparing to open its doors. Kahramanmaraş and İstanbul are the guest of honor of the fair, where the People's Republic of China is the “partner country” and India is the focus country.

This year 88. Izmir International Fair (IEF), which was prepared to open its doors once, was introduced at a press conference held at Kültürpark. 6-15 IEF's press conference to be held in September, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, as well as China International Chamber of Commerce, Fairs and Events General Manager Guo Yinghui and IZFAS General Manager Canan Karaosmanoğlu BUYER attended. Vestel's innovation will be the center of trade, culture, art and entertainment with events that will take place in 10 days thanks to İEF, where Migros is the event and Show Radio is the radio sponsor. Thousands of people are expected to visit the İzmir International Fair this year with the slogan ”We are at the fair ız. Turkey's first and the mission of being the only public trade fair will be held in Izmir on September 5-6 companies participating in the IEF Business Days, which will continue to hold the pulse of international investment opportunities in these meetings. A total of 39 delegations from the 180 countries, particularly the People's Republic of China, will participate in the fair, the architect of the Modern Silk Road project called “One Generation One Way a.

The exhibition will be at the heart of Turkey

Speaking at a press conference held in Izmir Culture Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, 6-15 between September drew attention to the pulse of the horse in Izmir, Turkey. Mayor Soyer said, dışında In addition to the cultural and artistic activities that will take place in scenes, halls and open spaces, a very important commercial ground will be created. Job interviews will be held. China is one of the fastest growing and leading countries in the world. The reconstruction of the Silk Road is an important development that will mark the coming years. İzmir is willing to be one of the biggest stops of the 'One stop and one road' project. Izmir will serve as a heart between the Mediterranean dish and the East. It will carry the values ​​of the East to the West and the values ​​of the West to the East. ”

Describing this year's IEF as a milestone, President Soyer said, işbirliği The ground for cooperation with China will be manifested in many sectors. Especially 62 China company from many different fields such as telecommunication, artificial intelligence, smart city will come together with its partners from İzmir. One of the main stakeholders of this fair outside China will be India, the focus country. Companies from Izmir will meet with big companies there. Very important investment opportunities will be offered. Therefore, around 39 delegates from around 180 countries will participate. These negotiations will take place very efficiently. Moving on from our 21 Turkey will be the guest. Istanbul and Kahramanmaras will be the guest of honor provinces. Istanbul will be our first guest and will be among us as fresh blood. We're very excited. 150 is the most important activity of the institutionalized structure of a municipality that has been present for more than a year and we wish you the happiness of completing the preparations of the fair. President Tunç Soyer thanked Vestel, the Innovation Sponsor of the Fair, and Migros, the event sponsor.

9 September reminder

Soyer also talked about the concert to be organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to compensate for the damage caused by forest fires in August, “A very meaningful concert is waiting for us in September. We had a huge fire. We're organizing an organization to cover the wounds of disaster. We took decisions in Parliament the other day. 9 will launch this campaign in September, which is supported by very important artists. I thank them, they will be there for us without waiting for anything.

China's achievements will be introduced

Guo Yinghui, the General Director of China International Chamber of Commerce, Fairs and Events, made a speech at the press conference to introduce China's participation in the fair, to promote China's great achievements in Reform and Outward Opening, to tell stories of China's development, to promote the 'Generation and Path' initiative and He said that humanity is of great importance in building the unity of destiny. Guo Yinghui, “88. İzmir International Fair's Partner Country will be organized under three headings as “Country Image”, arası Inter-Agency Collaborations ”and“ Local Collaborations ın of China's fairgrounds. The total area of ​​two thousand square meters includes 62 to represent the infrastructure, energy, electronics, telecommunications, information technology, commercial equipment, commercial and industrial robots, wearable intelligent equipment, medical equipment, construction materials, finance, culture and other fields. ”

Three fields

Guo Yinghui, highlights three areas were listed as follows: "Countries in the field of image based on the forward-looking vision of cooperation between China and Turkey painstakingly selected products; China's future space station model will be displayed in four categories as the constellation model of the Beidou satellite positioning system, rail transport vehicle models, a 10-meter unmanned submarine vehicle. In this area of ​​the country by integrating promotional image of China as well as the demonstration of advanced scientific and technological achievements of China will provide a better understanding of every part of Turkey. Giant companies of China will take place in the field of inter-institutional cooperation. In the field of Local Cooperation, companies organized by local governments of Shanghai and Chengdu were invited. Thus, locally and cooperation between Turkey and China center will be developed on two levels. During the fair, a cooperation agreement will be signed between Chengdu Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. On the opening day of the fair, China International Trade Promotion Council in Izmir 'China-Turkey Trade and Investment Forum will be held.

Izmir will be the locomotive

The questions of the members of the media were also answered at the meeting. In his response to a question, Chairman Soyer said, “This is a start, it will turn into a collaboration. Izmir will be a locomotive in Turkey's relations with China. We regain the role we lost 10 years ago with the Port of Piraeus. kazanWe want to. This fair really has the feature of being a milestone for improving relations”.

Technology at the forefront of international participation

International exhibitions at Izmir International Fair will take place between 6 and 10 September. The Partner Country of the People's Republic of China will take place in Hall 2 No. Kültürpark with a great participation. The People's Republic of China, which will come with more than 60 companies, will carry the technology to Izmir. The Chinese State Circus with its unique characteristics will also meet 6 and 7 in September. Focus Country to wait for visitors at 1 / A Hall India brings over 40 companies to the fair.

Istanbul and Kahramanmaras will be the “focal point İstanbul

Istanbul, one of Turkey's most important cities, will be the Guest of Honor City for the first time in its 88-year history of IEF. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu will also attend the opening on September 6th. Kahramanmaraş, which is preparing for EXPO 2023 with the main theme of “Nature-Friendly City and Sensitivity”, will add color to IEF with various events. In addition, Aksaray, Amasya, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın, Balıkesir, Bursa, Denizli, Edirne, Hatay, Isparta, Istanbul, Izmir, Kahramanmaraş, Kocaeli, Malatya, Mersin, Muğla, Tekirdağ, Trabzon, Uşak will also be at the fair.

Turkey to discuss these concerts

Goran Bregovic will perform on 6 September, Monica Molina on September 7 and Glikeria on September 8 September. 9 September will turn into another feast. Gazapizm, Anıl Piyancı, Serap Yağız, Niyazi Koyuncu, Oğuzhan Uğur, Halil Sezai, Gripin, Hayko Cepkin and Haluk Levent will be on stage at İzmir Single Heart Forest Concert to be held in order to support the re-existence of the trees that disappeared during the forest fires in İzmir in the last weeks. . The concert, which will take place on the day of the liberation of Izmir, will begin at 18.30. Ara Malikian in September, 10 in September, Vestel sponsored Yeni Türkü, 11 in September Onur Akın, 12 in September Migros sponsored Edis, 13 in September Migros sponsored Simge Sağ, and 14 in September, Serkan Kaya will be at the Grass Concerts with their songs.

Rock Stage, which was established for the first time in IEF last year, will host music lovers this time with the name Rock & More. Şehinşah on Sunday, September 8, Manga on September 9, Mor ve Ötesi on September 10, Pinhani on September 11, Kalben on September 12, Pentagram on September 13, Ufuk Beydemir on September 14, Mabel on September 15. Matiz will be the guest of the Rock & More stage.

Zeki Müren is not forgotten

In Mogambo, one of the unforgettable entertainment venues of the fair, Leman Sam on 7 September, Can Gox on 8 September, Cem Adrian on 9 September, Jehan Barbur on 10 September, Melek Mosso on 11 September, Tuna Kiremitçi on 12 September. Mehmet Erdem will be on the stage on September 13, Birsen Tezer on September 14, and Eda Baba on September 15. Fans who want to listen to the artists will be able to obtain tickets from It comes to mind with the banner "I Came With Respect To My Dear Egeme", which is one of the names remembered when Izmir International Fair is mentioned. kazanZeki Müren, the Sun of Art, will be commemorated at the fair with a special program.

Book Street and Face to Face Sohbets at Izmir Fair

Book Street, which will take place for the first time this year, will extend from Lausanne Gate to Kaskatlı Havuz. Literary events, Face to Face SohbetThe Painting and Sculpture Museum under the name of s will be on the stage to be set up in front of the Kültürpark Art Gallery. Many important pen lovers will meet here. Gülperi Sert, Çiğdem Erkal İpek, Sunay Akın, Erol Egemen - Kaan Çaydamlı (Losers Club), Tunceli Mayor Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu, Canan Tan, Nilgün Bodur, Izmirim Series authors, Varol Yaşaroğlu, Mahir Ünsal Eriş, İhsan Eliaçık, Osman Balcıgil, Hüseyin Cengiz, Ercan Kesal, Murat Menteş - Hakan Karataş and Merdan Yanardağ will meet with their fans at IEF.

Theater will be watched in “Fair”

İsmet İnönü Art Center will bring together art and artists with theater lovers between 7-15 September and enrich the fair nights. The theater plays that will be exhibited at 20.00 for nine days are as follows: “Joseph K”, “Azizname”, “To whom life is beautiful?”, “Any Things”, “Let's Meet Me”, “Vee Curtain”, “1984 Grand Detention ”, Ben I am Don Quixote”, “Female Head”. In addition, theater plays will be staged at Izmir Art Center.

All about cinema in Izmir

The Cinema Here Festival will open its doors with the Honor and Achievement Awards on September 11, as well as the 4th Short Film Project Competition Award Ceremony. At the festival, where İpek Bilgin and Taner Birsel will receive Honorary Awards, Ozan Güven and Saadet Işıl Aksoy will be given a Success Award. Finalists of the 75th Short Film Project Competition, in which 4 projects participated this year, will also receive their awards at the IEF. While meeting with movie lovers in 12 film festivals with three national and one international gala; In the short film marathon, which will be held for the second time this year, 18 short films will be shown. There will also be workshops at the five-day festival. Cinema tickets can also be purchased from

Giant espor organization

Izmir International Fair, Turkey's largest historic outdoor bazaar "Kemeralti Street" will be hosted under the name. Activities covered by Holda No. 4 the world's largest e-sports organization in Turkey will be the most comprehensive ESL his final until today. The streets will be festive with street shows. Many sports activities will let guests breathe in the unique nature of Kültürpark. Children were not forgotten at the fair. Special events are waiting for children at IEF.

Fair entrance fees

  1. Open spaces of Izmir International Fair will be opened to visitors at 12.00. The entrance times to the halls will be between 16.00-23.00. Fair entrance fees are determined as 4,5 TL. 9, where there is a solidarity concert called İzmir Tek Yürek, will be charged with 10 TL throughout the day. 9 All income to be obtained on September will be used for the protection of İzmir forests. 9 Those who use the Heroes Gate in September will be able to enter 4,5 TL again. Passages at the entrance gates can be made with im contactless kredi credit and debit cards with İzmirim Card. Disabled and companion, veterans and relatives of veterans, the family of martyrs electronic card holders can enter Kültürpark free of charge. Citizens who do not have İzmirim Card will be able to receive single-use and two-entry cards from the points created at the entrance of the fair.

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