Workshop on Accessibility of Passenger Transport Services

accessibility of passenger transport services
accessibility of passenger transport services

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, held in Ankara "Accessibility Workshop of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey" attended the closing meeting.

Turhan Minister in his speech here, said Passenger Transport Services Accessibility Project of the interests of everyone that direction in Turkey. Stating that the roadmap has been prepared within the scope of the project, strategies have been created and action plans have been determined, Turhan said, "We will share these with all relevant parties, and finally we will proceed." he spoke.

President Erdogan Turhan striking effort for the project, "impaired coordination center in a municipality for the first time in Turkey, was founded in 1994, the year in which our President came to mayoral duties." used the expressions.

Pointing out that everyone has the right to benefit from transportation facilities, Turhan said, “It is not enough to make this determination, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements and to raise awareness in the society on this issue. For this purpose, we developed this project and took action. " found the assessment.

Minister Turhan reminded that they organized "Action Workshops" in various cities in order to announce what they did throughout the project and raise awareness throughout the country, "We have seen that the difficulties faced by our citizens with limited mobility while traveling can be solved by creating a common consciousness and acting together." said.

“We put everyone who has heart with or without disabilities to the target of the projects”

Bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, railways, ports, subways kazanExpressing that they are doing it with the consciousness of being careful, Turhan said that they put everyone who has a heart to the goal of their projects, whether they are disabled or not.

Reminding that more than two years have passed since the initiation of the project, Turhan said: “During this period, we took the photograph of the field, identified the sensitivities, and increased awareness. The real work is from now on. 'We have done our part. We are not in the state to say 'it is the work of others' from now on. We need to fill our country with accessible transportation services, especially in cooperation with local governments and local organizations. Comprehensive local actions should be established. There should be room for the accessibility curriculum in the academy. Special plans should be developed for modes of transport. Information studies should be made widespread. A database specific to our country should be created in the field of accessibility. It is necessary to make operational issues such as all services, applications, studies, usage status traceable. "

Minister Turhan, after making them accessible transportation services in Turkey will be significant progress in the subject, said: Accessible Transportation Services said that the greatest responsibility falls to the Working Group.

Turhan pointed out that more important than starting a business is to achieve its purpose, and said: “Everyone has a responsibility. It is important to work hard in the continuity of the project, to hold on to the business with belief and to empathize. The project has reached this stage with the contributions of hundreds of our friends. I know that I should mention the names of some of our friends who supported the project with their participation and contributions. European champion and world second national swimmer Our Sümeyye Painter, world freediving recorders Our Horizons Kocak, archery world champion our Bahattin Hekimoğlu, Turkey karate champion our volcano Brothers, Yasar University Software Engineering school was the first of our Şeyda Melis Türkkahraman brothers pride of millions. I would also like to thank Hüseyin Burak Akkurt and Hasan Buğra Akkurt brothers who have made valuable contributions by experiencing many modes of transport since the beginning of our project. "

Accessibility of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey Project Key Expert Fernando Alonso also made a presentation on the project.

All speeches made at the meeting were conveyed to the participants through sign language interpreter.

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