10 Thousand Istanbulians Watched the Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final

bin istanbullu red bull car park drift watched the world finale
bin istanbullu red bull car park drift watched the world finale

The Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final, hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, provided great excitement for Istanbul residents at the weekend. 16 Jordanian Pilot Anas Al Hello became the champion in the race where 18 pilot from different countries fought. Legendary Red Bull athlete Michael Whiddett, "Istanbul has given the right to host the best in the world," he said.

Red Bull Car Park Drift World Finals Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Algeria, Mauritius, Tunisia, Morocco, Georgia, Turkey (Kocaeli-bay) and then the national finals held in Jordan was held in Istanbul.


Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final, where talented pilots from all over the world struggle to be the best, was held in Maltepe Event Area in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 16 representing the country 18 pilot, strong cars and plenty of smoke peaks in the final stage of the struggle, the world's most talented drift pilots gathered. In racing, Turkey, the Fahimrez to Keykhosrav, Ali and Ibrahim Inal represented YUCEBAS.


Starting with the opening ceremony representing the participating countries, 18 pilot first performed their performances respectively. Then the highest score 8 pilot struggled to stay in the last four. Since 2008 has been organized by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) as a motor sport organization, the finalists of the event have performed their maneuvers at the private course where pilots have been established and demonstrated their talents before the jury. The pilots tried to score points on the difficulties of the maneuvers, the appearance, speed and sound of the vehicle.


Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final, which is the scene of exciting shows and strong smoky summit of powerful cars, gave an unforgettable day to motor sports enthusiasts. The event was followed by over a thousand citizens of 10. Jordan's pilot Anas Al Hello was the winner of the podium at the end of the race. Hello, who was able to get 400 points over 381, our Turkish pilot İbrahim Yücebaş followed second and Georgian Vakhtang Khurisidze third. At the end of the organization, awards were given to the athletes.


The world famous Red Bull athlete Abdo Feghali made an unforgettable show to the drift enthusiasts. The jury determines the best drift pilots of 2019 years the drift of Red Bull athletes with legends of world known as Mad Mike Michael Whiddett, Aleksandr Grinchuk, 2017 Europe as well Rally Cup as well, which is also Turkey Rally Champion five times Red Bull athletes Yağız Hunting and French drifter driver Nicolas Dufour.


The legend of the drift world, Red Bull athlete Michael Whiddett, who stated that he was attending a drift event in Istanbul for the first time, said, um I am very happy to have the privilege of being a jury in such an organization. There was an extraordinary struggle. The Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final raised the bar one more step. All the pilots were very good. given how the World Finals in Turkey, we have seen that it is a good decision. They brought a new breath to the drift championships with a great organization. They gave the right to entertain the best of the world ”.


Red Bull athlete and racing director Abdo Feghali, who holds the world's longest drift record, said the Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final was worthy of the name. Legendary athlete, "Turkey was expecting such a crowd in Istanbul, after the elimination of interest. We are so happy that so many people share this excitement. The World Final was a great match for Istanbul. ”


Ülkü Erçoban, a 19-year-old female pilot who competed for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the World Drift Final, said, “Drift is a real passion for me. I have been competing in races for about 3 years. The Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final was my most prestigious race. As a woman, I was proud to be on the same track as the world's most talented pilots in a very good atmosphere. I learned a lot from them. I was also very happy to show that women will take part in these races. The only advice for motor sports lovers should be racing on tracks and not on roads. ”

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