The Great Danger in Istanbul Metro Lines

Istanbul metro lines in the big danger
Istanbul metro lines in the big danger

2017 5 subway line in the tender of the public losses of approximately TL 1.2 billion said. The 5 subway line, which has been auctioned, turned out to be no work for 1,5 for years. It was suggested that a failure on the lines could cause a serious disaster.

Sözcü newspaper writer Çiğdem Toker shared information about the status of the Istanbul Metro in today's corner. Toker stated that the tender for 2017 lines was made in 5, and the public was damaged by 1.2 billion TL from these auctions. In addition, it has been suggested that a chest that might have stopped construction of the subway for 1.5 years could cause a serious disaster.

The relevant part of Toker's article is as follows;

“Like Istanbul's six mole holes. The metro lines that have been stopped for 1.5 years pose a serious danger. ”

These words, which have become more important in an environment where an earthquake is expected, are from the İBB Assembly CHP Group President Tarık Balyalı. He said to Murat İnceoğlu from Balyalı gazeteduvar:

Iddi Serious budgets are being spent, but 1.5 hasn't worked on these lines for years (…).

After reading the interview, I returned to the time when the subway tenders were held. Two and a half years ago, IMM tendered all five metro lines on the same day on 3 March 2017.

Kirazli Halkalı, Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe, Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli, Kaynarca-Pendik-Tuzla, Başakşehir-Kayaşehir

Let us recall the common feature of these tenders made by prequalification procedure:

Danger is not a

All were “linked yüzlerce to hundreds of millions higher than the approximate cost set by the IMM administration.

Kirazlı- purchased by Makyol-Astur-İçtaş- KalyonHalkalı Example from metro line:

Approximate discovery before bidding: 2 billion 112 million 656 thousand 586 million.

Contract number: 2 billion 414 million 401 thousand 632 TL

Difference against public: 301 million TL

In other words, IMM, which is expected to receive discounts from companies in a major infrastructure tender, accepted the 14.28 more expensive offer.

Five of the five subways were like that. In the five metro lines with an approximate total cost of TL 8.6 billion, the contract size under the IMM after the tenders was 9.8 billion TL.

The difference is against the public 1.2 billion TL. Damage caused by increased costs over time has not been included.

Signing contracts with companies that offer high offers when discount is required is not outright waste, but outright corruption.

It is best to inform the public by sharing the latest situations regarding the fate of the projects that were canceled and then canceled.

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