Students at the OMU Kurupelit Campus Enjoyed the Comfort of the Tram

In the campus, students experience the convenience of the tram
In the campus, students experience the convenience of the tram

The establishment of our Republic 100. The new students of Ondokuz Mayis University (OMU), who will live the enthusiasm of graduation in 2023, corresponding to the year of 2010, made the class as the class. who will complete their studies annually will fill the first century of the Republic of Turkey 2023 classes, he joined the faculty of the excitement of being the first course in college.

Excitement at the Kurupelit Campus

Samsun, the happy city of the National Struggle and the name of this struggle and live in the enthusiasm of being a student at OMU 2019 entry students, 4 year after the Republic of 100. Graduation in. The young people who stepped into the Kurupelit Campus at the beginning of this period, which will be one of the most special and beautiful periods of their lives in terms of personal and professional development, met their new friends with the happiness and excitement reflected in their faces.

Tram traveling across campus

Kurupelit Campus students had the convenience of reaching the faculties by tram for the first time this year. On the one hand the academic staff to strengthen with each passing year, on the other hand, prepared by the project and its existence through carrying out his scientific work and 19 proving its pioneering role in May OMI, which entered service in the tram line with the walk around the campus of the light rail system in Turkey has reached the privilege of being one of the few university.

Majority of environmental regulations completed

OMU, which is trying to renew its face with the environmental arrangements on the campus in the 2019 – 2010 academic year, is ready for the new era with the ongoing environmental and landscaping works. OMU, which is one of the most important values ​​of Samsun with the works most of which have been completed, is a breath of fresh air with the new students joining its ranks. kazanwas. As a matter of fact, OMU; The new academic year started with 14 thousand 826 students in associate degree, 33 thousand 678 in undergraduate, 4 thousand 720 in master's degree, 370 in doctorate and 5 thousand 54 students, of whom 594 thousand are international.

New sections in the new period

OMU also stands out with new departments in order to increase the diversity of academic discipline. So much so that the University took the initiative to expand its academic network and incorporated new departments. Undergraduate programs and associate degree programs that take students for the first time at OMU this year are as follows:

Bafra Faculty of Management / igort Insurance and Actuarial Sciences ”(Undergraduate)

Faculty of Architecture / “City and Regional Planning” (Undergraduate)

Faculty of Health Sciences / “Speech and Language Therapy” (Undergraduate)

Çarşamba Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences / “History” (Undergraduate)

Terme Vocational School / “Logistics Program” (Associate Degree)

Vezirköprü Vocational School / “Computer Programming” (Associate Degree)

Yeşilyurt Demir Çelik Vocational School / “Mechatronics Program” (Associate Degree)

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