Halkalı Kapıkule High Speed ​​Train ProjectÇerkezköywill add value to '

Halkalı Kapikule High Speed ​​Train Project will add value to Cerkezkoy
Halkalı Kapikule High Speed ​​Train Project will add value to Cerkezkoy

Çerkezköy Mayor Vahap Akay came to lunch with 10 neighborhood headman and listened to the demands and demands of the village headmen. Çerkezköy Akay, who also shared issues related to the agenda, Halkalı Kapıkule High Speed ​​Train ProjectÇerkezköyIt will add value to. said


Receiving information about the deficiencies and problems in the district Çerkezköy Mayor Vahap Akay and Deputy Mayor Esengül Güven, will be the followers of the issues expressed by the mukhtars of the neighborhood, said that the necessary solution to be done in a short time.


With members of the press before the meeting Çerkezköy Mayor Vahap Akay, who also shared the issues related to the agenda, Halkalı Edirne High Speed ​​Train Project will be implemented and Çerkezköy an important for kazanNoting that it is a new and added value, he said, “It is pleasing that the High Speed ​​​​Train Project will be implemented. This Çerkezköy and a project that will add value and beautiful. We are glad that this project will be implemented, but the project Çerkezköy traffic, ”he said.


High Speed ​​Train Project Çerkezköy 12 meter high overpass is mentioned at the point that connects Hikmet Uğraş Street and İstasyon Street because there will not be a level crossing in the project. They said that they had the knowledge that they would be upgraded and passed over and that all the cargo would be left to the Atatürk Viaduct. Tunneling of High Speed ​​Train Project from underneath. ”

We will make the necessary initiatives

Both the Ministry and the State Railways Çerkezköy Mayor Vahap Akay who stated that he has not made an official request from the Municipality until now, Çerkezköystating that the problems on the routes on which the High Speed ​​Train Project passes should be discussed and solutions should be sought in order to prevent traffic problems in the coming period. Çerkezköy Municipality also noted that all necessary initiatives will be made.

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