European Ice Hockey Competitions Will Be Held In Istanbul With The Support Of IMM

European ice hockey matches will be held in Istanbul with the support of Ibb
European ice hockey matches will be held in Istanbul with the support of Ibb

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will host the European Cup (Continental Cup) Ice Hockey events organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). The matches will start on September 20 at İBB Silivrikapı Ice Rink.

IIHF Ice Hockey matches in the European tournament of the group, by the IIHF Ice Hockey Federation of Turkey and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will be held with the support.

Organized at İBB Silivrikapı Ice Rink; Zeytinburnu Sports Club from Turkey, Iceland, Akureyri Skautafelag, Bulgaria from SC Irbis-Skate Sofia and the Serbian Crvena Zvezda Belgrade will stage the struggle of the team.

The first match of the organization, in which 80 athletes will participate and 6 matches will be held in total, will be played between Skautafelag Akureyrar and Crvena Zvezda Belgrade on September 20. After this match representing Turkey, Zeytinburnu Municipality Sports Club team will seek victory against Bulgaria.

The tournament, where two matches will be played per day at İBB Silivrikapı Ice Rink, will be completed on September 22, and the first team will go to the upper group matches with the representatives of Latvia, Ukraine and Romania in Brovary, Ukraine between 18-20 October.

Besides the field support for the matches hosted by the IMM Directorate of Youth and Sports, the ambulance and health teams as well as the security teams will be available for all matches. Ice sports lovers will be able to watch all the matches for free throughout the tournament.

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