Work Continues on Eskişehir's New Tram Routes

Eskisehir's new tram routes are underway
Eskisehir's new tram routes are underway

Within the scope of the study carried out jointly with Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and Estram General Directorate, asphalt pavement works are carried out at intersections where tram line passes and vehicle crossing is high.

Asphalt pavement was eliminated by the difference in elevation that occurred over time at the intersections of the intersection of the tram line due to vehicle traffic. In order to enable the drivers to drive more safely and comfortably, they carried out asphalt work at the intersection of Yılmaz Büyükerşen Boulevard-Seylap Street-Eti Street and then Cumhuriyet Avenue, Sarper Street and Yunusemre Street. Teams carrying out work at night hours on behalf of not experiencing traffic density, said that similar work will continue at other intersections within the framework of the work program.



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