A New Step Between KARDEMİR and KBU

a new step in the collaboration of kardemir university industry
a new step in the collaboration of kardemir university industry

Today, a new cooperation protocol has been signed between Kardemir and Karabük University in order to make the University-Industry collaboration between Kardemir and Karabük University more systematic and to transfer the feasible results to be obtained as a result of scientific studies at the university. At the ceremony held at the University Rectorate, the Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat and Kardemir General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Soykan signed.

The signed protocol covers topics such as R & D Project Studies, Student Process Integration, Workplace Training and Internship Programs, Thesis Studies, Master and Doctorate Studies and Foreign Language Education within the scope of university-industry cooperation.

To be able to carry out the experiments and tests required by our company in the laboratories of the Iron and Steel Institute, which was established with the contributions of Kardemir and within the University, to ensure the participation of Kardemir personnel to the public participation programs organized by the University, to provide the basic, technical and managerial trainings to be requested by Kardemir personnel. In addition, assignments were made between the parties for the execution of the cooperation protocol, which covers many general subjects such as;

In the ceremony, Karabük University Rector. Dr. General Manager of Refik Polat and Kardemir Hüseyin Soykan emphasized the importance of transforming the signed protocol into concrete results and expressed their determination to establish a model for university-industry cooperation.

📩 27/03/2020 22:00

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