47 Million Euro for Fast Tram Construction in Odessa

million euros for fast tram construction in Odessa
million euros for fast tram construction in Odessa

📩 05/09/2019 12:09

In a message issued by Odessa Deputy Mayor Pavel Vugelman, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) allocated € 47 million to Odessa to be spent on high-speed tram construction.

In a message posted on Facebook, Odessa deputy mayor Pavel Vugelman said: “Eventually, the long-awaited Odessa high-speed tram will appear in the city. A legendary deal worth € 47 million has been signed to create a Odessa high-speed tram and light rail project. ”

Vugelman also said that in the near future the construction of the North-South high-speed tram line will begin. In addition, the utility, Odesgorelektrotrans, plans to purchase 16 multi-segment trams and 20 tram wagons of at least 21 meters with the funds allocated and to move the rails from Paustovski Street to Peresip.

In July this year, the EBRD approved a total program of € 250 million to finance the development of public transport in Ukraine, of which 10 million was allocated to Poltava. EBRD is ready to finance the development of transport facilities in Kiev, as well as the development of transport infrastructure. (Ukrhab is)

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