Today in History: 1 September 2008 100 establishment of Hejaz Railway

hicaz rail
hicaz rail

Today in History
1 September 1940 Diyarbakır-Bismil line (47 km) was opened.
1 September 1900 Hejaz Railway construction started with an official ceremony held in Damascus. The line was the first completed section of the Hejaz Railway.
1 September 1902 Der'a-Zerka (79 km) line was completed.
1 September 1903 opened its line to Damascus.
1 September 1904 at the Hejaz railway 460. km. reached Maan. The official opening ceremony was held on this occasion.
1 September 1906 Maan-Tebük (233 km) Line is opened.
1 September 1907 Tebülk-el-Ula (288 km) sections are complete. El-Ula was the beginning of the sacred lands which were forbidden by the non-Muslims. El Ula-Medina line (323 km.) Was built entirely by Muslim engineers, contractors, technicians and soldiers.
1 September 1908 Hicaz Railroad is fully operational. Total 1.464 km. The cost of the Hijaz Railway is 3. 066.167 found the lira. The camouflage took the 40 day to Damascus-Medina route by train to 72.
1 September 1919 In the report prepared by Ottoman soldiers; The British and French commissaries were notified that the Entente States were confiscated by the Turkish railways and that they contradicted the provisions of the truce and the rules of international law.
1 September 1940 Diyarbakır-Bismil line (47 km) was opened.
1 September 2008 The opening ceremony of the 100 foundation anniversary of the Hijaz Railway was held at Haydarpaşa Station.
1 2008 152 XNUMX of September. Hicaz Railways Photography Exhibition was opened in Ankara Gar on the anniversary of its foundation.

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